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Hidden Village,, Kalamazoo, MI (restaurant)

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Name:Hidden Village, Kalamazoo Mi.
Street:5640 S. Westnedge

The Hidden Village came about from the sale of the Tur Mai Kai To the oldest sun Tommy Lum and his business partner Jim Ng. The Hidden Village opened in 1979. The location was closed for two weeks for remodeling. The restaurant underwent an extensive makeover to offer a "more extensive South Sea's atmosphere". The service was improved and the menu greatly expanded. The Hidden Village lasted only a year before closing. The location later became the Peking Palace. Thanks

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Here are a couple of ads and a small article about the Hidden Village from 79. I hope to have a little more info in a day or two. Thanks

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[ Edited by: uncle trav 2007-10-14 06:01 ]

Dug a little deeper and hit pay dirt. Here's a small article about the Hidden Village from 1979. Seems that not only the interior got a makeover but the old sign got one as well. I'll put up a view of the TMK sign to compare.

The new sign still says "exotic cocktails" in the lower part of the sign but I'm not sure about the main body of the sign. Guess I'll have to find out if the TMK sign was demoed for the new sign or just reworked. Thanks.

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