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Seaforth Marina, Mission Beach, CA (other)

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Name: Seaforth Marina
Type: Marina Complex
Street: 1677 Quivira Rd.
City: Mission Beach, San Diego
State: CA
Zip: 92109
country: USA
Phone: (619) 224-6807
Status: going, going...

Mid-Century Marinas, Resturants, Watercraft Sales and Anchorages on Quivira Basin, Mission Bay

Sadly, I just learned that this cluster of three buildings will be meeting the wrecking ball sometime after Nov 1st. Poorly maintained for decades the termites have gotten the best of them. Instead of repairs they're all coming down to the great satisfaction of at least one dockhand who complained of leaks and lack of space. I guess when these gems were built they didn't need to display two dozen jet skis the size of refridgerators.
Apparently owned by the same person and subleased to the businesses that occupy them the plans are to make a "modern spacious complex" which will no doubt be made from plenty of these

Enjoy these structures while you may. The squared Seaforth A-frame also houses a fishermans diner.

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Demolition begins tomorrow morning as I understand it. Anyone available to video the sad event?

I drove by it on Sunday on my way into Mission Beach to get some drinks at the Liar's Club. About half of it is already gone.

It's really a shame, the whole area just looks empty. I've always loved the charm of that particular stretch of road with the A-frames at Seaforth and the old school style of the Bahia. Let's just hope the Bahia stays around for a long time.

This is just sickening, that area was like going into a time machine and stepping back to late 1960's San Diego. I can only imagine what kind of nightmare architecture they are going to replace it with.


Dagnabit, on my way to the Liars' Club last time I actually said out loud "I have to bring my camera over here, they're gonna tear that down soon." I will never learn. Of course I'd rather have it still be there than have photos of it. Crud.

Correction to my previous post. I went to Liar's Club again today (that's two Sunday's in a row), to get some good beers, and took the opportunity to take a few pics at Seaforth Marina. Last week from the main road it looked like they were gone already, but I think that was the booze talking. :)

As of today, the buildings are still there, but fenced off and mostly gutted. Windows are broken out and the buildings are empty. It's a pretty sorry sight in person. Given the condition right now, I don't expect them to be around much longer.

[ Edited by: TikiDiego 2007-11-18 19:21 ]

Thanks for the update! I went by there again Saturday night (again cameraless), but it was dark so I couldn't really tell the current condition. I'll probably be back over in the next day or two (Mmmmmm...Chocolate Porter on nitrogen!!); I'll be sure to get a good (final - sob!) look.



PS- Save yourself a trip to Liars Club this week. NoNaMe tells me they lost their liquor license. Cajun Steak Nite @ Liars was a Freaky Boutiki tradition. I'll have to walk down the block and find out what the hells going on over there.

Where else will I be able to enjoy a Ballast Point Tongue Buckler while digging Lou's revolving art collection of Shag, Vince Ray, Alan Forbes and others. Liars Club's even has a regular floor show consiting of the waiter donning a mask, welding gloves and ice tongs to deliver Coors Lite shouting "Shitty beer coming through!"


Bulldozed! Oh no!

Liar's Club lost their license! Oh No!!!!

Dang, I go out of town for a few days and all hell breaks loose at home.

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