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Eastern Santa Cruz Island Campground, California, , CA (other)

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Name:Eastern Santa Cruz Island Campground, California

Type: Channel Islands National Park campground.

This campground is the lower of two campgrounds in Scorpion Canyon on Santa Cruz Island in California.

The Tiki art is a totem pole made from the remains of a dead tree that has been "topped." A large tree base that had been carved into a throne was found in the neighboring upper campground, but it did not have a definite Tiki look to it. The chair did look like it had a mouth carved into the base.

One can visit the campground without having to be a camper. Ferry service to this island is available from Island Packers company.

The attached photograph was taken in June of 2001. I have revisited the Totem Pole as recently as January of 2005.

Totem Pole on Santa Cruz Island, California

Chair on Santa Cruz Island

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I'm gonna cancel my other vacation, just to check out that Rockin Tiki!

Ignore the smart ass remark, please show us some pics of the coastline.
I would like to visit there someday.


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