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Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

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But the tiki torches are delightful!

We gotta do what we gotta do to keep the tiki spirit alive in the frozen Northeast !

Chacha posted on Fri, Feb 7, 2003 1:34 PM

Cool - I'm inspired to do the same.
I love the moai head on your porch - where did it come from?


I made it out of computer boxes and paper mache, painted it with Fleckstone paint and sealer. It's going on it's third year as the King Moai of my annual tiki party.


Great shot! I love the moai, too.

It's pretty chilly out here, too. The old thermometer peaked at a mere 65 today...burrrr!

Great photo! Now I have it as my desktop background..thanks.



That indeed is an inspiring photo. It's easy for members in warmer climes to get into all things tiki when the Sun is shining and the weather is nice.

But it takes a hard-core tikiphile to keep it going in places where, if you lock yourself out of your house - you die!


Oh, I love your creativity! I wish that there were more Moai in CT when I was growing up there. And the snow is much cleaner and nicer than here in NYC.

Great Pic! Snow Tikis remind me of Snow Monkeys! Love 'em!
Snowed even here in South Carolina yesterday (parts of North Carolina were STOMPED by it). I gotta say... I was afraid that a really cold Winter would be a hard thing to get through while still sticking to a Tiki Philosophy. Of course... My Tiki Philosophy is "When Drinking, Drink Rum. Lots of Rum." So I haven't had too much trouble. I even serve my Hot Buttered Rum in Tiki Mugs by a roaring fireplace. The wife seems to dig that. 8)

Great job tikigreg! Have you thought about making a volcano to keep your moai warm?

[ Edited by: cheeky half on 2003-02-08 07:01 ]


I like how the moai blends in so tastefully, too. Definitely going on my screensaver!


Funny you should mention a volcano! i do have one, made of spray foam insulation around a wire frame. it measures 4 foot tall by a 4 foot diameter. I have placed a fog machine inside, with the pipe pointed up, and a small red strobe to light the fog. At night when it's fired up, it is pretty impressive. Here's a pic of it, although it does it no justice:

It's a summer item, and stays in the basement during the winter. I will try to get better pics when it warms up here.

Very nice Greg. I know at work we keep trying to have our "Hawaiian Shirt Fridays"
but we're freezing. Anyone know where I can get a long sleeve Hawiian shirt?

Aloha Caber-net
Try http://www.hotshirts.com


Way to go, tikigreg!

Keepin' the tiki torches burnin' in the subfreezin' temps!

I would love to see this kinda scene while driving through NW CT!

Chacha posted on Sun, Feb 9, 2003 4:47 PM

Killer volcano tikigreg. I can't wait to see more photos.
P.S. TV- Snow monkeys RULE! Wayne Newton loves 'em, too.

[ Edited by: Chacha on 2003-02-09 16:48 ]

LOL! Yes he does!
Dang... I've been toying with the idea of a volcano myself. It's going to be a year or so before I even begin to build my room, so I have plenty of time to soak up a lot more inspiration. That particular volcano, TikiGreg, is Very Inspirational!

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