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broken tiki mug

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I had my first casualty yesterday

I wasn't a very rare mug but I sucked nonetheless



Sorry to hear about your loss. BUT, keep the remnants as we will properly dispose of all things tiki on INTERNATIONAL TIKI DAY (the second Saturday in August).

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Don't you hate it when that happens? I started a thread awhile back when the same thing happened to me. You should take pics of your loss and post 'em there. Here's the thread:

Tiki Mug Misfortunes


I am also sorry for your loss.
Remember TIKI won't let things happen without a reason.
On international TIKI day we need a spot to burn the non-TIKI things that we got from people who think thier gifts look TIKI


I can never bring myself to throw these away...

A little superglue will sometimes bring even the most disasterously shattered mugs into a state where they display well, even if they no longer hold liquid.

I call 'em "the six million dollar tiki".

We can rebuild him - we have the technology....


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Talkie- Yeah, there are few things worse that getting that anticipated package only to hear that sound of catastrophe within.

Poor packaging really pisses me off.

I've gotten insurance on my items and it's a pain in the butt getting the post office to give you your money, but they are getting better, I am told.

However, depending on the breakage, you may want to try the super glue trick. It works great for a ten piece of less break.

The bad thing about insurance is that the USPS keeps the item to dispose of and they don't let you have it back.

I always get very depressed because I feel like that is one less tiki artifact in the world. And there is something sad about that.

Better luck next time. Sorry for your loss.


WIth some of those pieces broken you could do some really neat stuff in the family of mosaics. Such as a kitchen backspash or bar(use the pieces as u would tile and then grout) or decorate a picture frame, or coffee table. The possibilities are endless-it's better than stash away in a jar somewhere.


I live in an earthquake zone, and my mugs are displayed in an Ikea wall unit 7 feet high. I am an accident waiting to happen, but there is seriously no other place to display them.

Happily, moving mid-April to a place where I'll have my own den (!!!) and will put them in a nice LOW bookshelf where I can admire them as I work on my computer...


emspace, go down to Home Depot and pick up some "Quake Hold" aka Earthquake or Museum Putty. All you need is a small amount on the bottom of each mug and they're stuck to the shelf without damaging the mug. I use it on all my mugs.

I think the best way to preserve Tiki mugs is to move them right out of California and ship them to 'safe houses' like, er......here in the UK before the big one comes.

Trader Woody
(Geologically safe area)

Thanks for the reminder Trader Woody. I am also in an earthquake zone. I have taught all my Tikis to Duck, Cover, and Hold on!


Toronto = No earthquakes, no tornadoes, no floods, no tsunamis, no nothing.

Your precious mugs will be safe here. I anxiously await your refugees. Please ship them in little sweaters. It's cold. Also it helps protect from any post office breakage.


Thanx PolyPop! I will get out TODAY and grab some of this miraculous stuff.

Tikifish, you evil vixen, you forgot to mention the stunning heat and humidity! Mugs should be shipped with both sweaters and fans...and Mai-Tais. Is this somehow surreal? Mugs drinking Mai-Tais?



Growing up in San Francisco with a mother who collected Oriental ceramics, I learned early on about museum wax. Works great for our few mugs and even to keep our gravel art pictures straight on the wall with our door slamming neighbors. Looks like you can get it here:


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