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New China Star, Milford, NH (restaurant)

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Name:New China Star
Street:299 Elm Street

Small Chinese Restaurant with classic Tiki mask in A frame.

I've been meaning to post this little place for some time now. I finally went there with my camera tonight. It's kind of a cross between a full New England style Chinese food restaurant, and a Chinese Fast Food Take-out place. (We noticed they did a lot of take-out business while we were there, the Patriots were playing)

Not a lot of Tiki vibe here except for the front of the building.

I liked the food. And there was fire in the middle of this Pupu platter, but it didn't really photograph.

My Mai-Tai was strange, with a lot of pineapple and orange juice in it! (I think) which explains the cloudiness. Can't say I liked it much, couldn't even figure out if there was rum in it, but after downing it like fruit punch, I did indeed feel it.

They do sell a couple of mugs though. Not signature mugs, but up here in NH, it's rare to see anything. Shown in the display case are this little handled Orchids of Hawaii/Japan mug, and a Scorpian Bowl for one.

I don't know why it's called the New China Star, since the front sign just says "China Star". Maybe there was much more Tiki at one time and when they did away with it, added the "new". I'll go back, because we don't get many places up here that even still have the A frame and Tiki in front!

nice investigative work, Carl. :)


Hey I was up in Milton NH a few months ago and did not see this place. I will have to check it out next time. I thought Milton might be a dry China town if you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing. Maybe I can teach them how to make a better Mia Tia that's not looking right. Maybe I will try the Zombie and see if it's served in a tiki cup.

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