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Hula Hula's ohana at La Mariana

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GECKO posted on Sat, Feb 8, 2003 1:58 AM

I had the pleasure of meeting David's (hula hula) mom and 2 sisters on Thurday befor mom flew out to Vegas on Friday to see her little boy! here's da pics Hula. Your family was great, your mom craked me up the whole time! and whoa! she can drink! your sistas wer really nice too! they wer the size of menehunes but wer all beautiful!

......oh for making your mom carry one of my heavy carvings and a wall panel on da plane she wanted to get back at you so she told me to post a certain pic on here for EVERYONE to see!

Aloha brah!

me, momz & little sis, in front of mariana with your panel


at da bar with Hulas ohana and Mike & Holly(other tiki freaks). sukem up!

hula's 2 sisters and mom in the middle.



here's da treat! hula hula and his sister

awwwww, look at those cheeks! hehehe

GECKO posted on Sat, Feb 8, 2003 2:01 AM

heres da first pic that didn't show up


I am sooooooo gonna kill you!

u missed one

Mom,cherly and janna my evil twin
the little sister not ther in cali she's the one in the other pic

eh where's da odda wun? tiki?

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Awwww...Hula. You cutsie wootsie wittle boy.... I printed a copy of that pic of you and glued it on a popsicle stick for the next big So Cal TC gathering. I hope you don't mind...

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