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Vhooda, Middleburg Heights, Ohio (restaurant/bar)

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Street:18590 E. Bagley Road
City:Middleburg Heights

A former Cooker's restaurant in the middle of a suburban shopping mall parking lot. The exterior is a combo of Polynesian and Mayan styles.

[ Edited by: lynxwiler 2007-10-30 23:24 ]

[ Edited by: lynxwiler 2007-10-30 23:24 ]

Here's a few photos from a recent trip. The exterior looks, well, sterile and cold. I passed by during the morning so couldn't take a peek inside or sample the menu, but from what I'm now reading online, there's no reason to go. The food has been compared to TGI Friday's and aparently they've dropped their tiki cocktail menu for less complex drinks. Pabst anyone?

I visited this place over the summer.

It is a BIG ZERO.

There is a "Tiki Bar" on the patio, but the manager told me that they discontinued the tropical drink menu, completely, because the drinks were too much of a hassle to make. He then told me that the bar's focus was "high volume".

In other words, he basically told me that they are interested in quantity over quality.

The main dining room is kind of cool in a Disney-sterile way.
Wrecked Mayan temple vibe, not Tiki but still Exotic. More of an Yma Sumac thing than an Arthur Lyman!

The food is Ok at best and pretty expensive.

Skip this one, completely.

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