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Weekend Decorations in my room

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Hey All,

So I just spent the entire weekend re-arranging my room and sprinting back and forth to the store to buy flowers and stuff. But I hung them up on my wall, arranged them, and I think it turned out really nice. It's not really Tiki or anything, but I do have three more walls for that! =)

Chacha posted on Sun, Feb 9, 2003 4:43 PM

Thanks for posting the photo. I really like the palm tree in the right of the picture. Where did you find it? Also, how did you get the flowers to stay on the wall?
Neat - o! I can't wait until I, too, can post completed photos of my tiki bar basement.


Looks great!! I also have been redoing the guest bedroom. One day I'll figure how to post photos. I don't have a palm tree but a fake banana tree, fake hibicus flowers, plug-in tiki torch and other stuff. My boyfriend thinks it's the best room in the house and wants to switch bedrooms. Guess I better get on ours...thanks for the photo

Mahalo for the compliments guys! It was really easy to do, I bought the palm from Wal-Mart of all places. It was only 39.99.
Chacha - The flowers came in bunches so I had to first cut them off individually, and then I just stuck a tack right through the center of the stem and fastened them to the wall. Pretty much everything was done with tacks. =)


Nice job on the pad Tikistitch. I just got the stained glass a friend of mine did for me. I am pretty happy with it. I think he did a fantastic job with the colors. The design is based on a mosaic I have seen pics of.
Take a look.


That is sweet, Chongolio

Tacky Techie Tiki Bar

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That looks awesome! Love the volcano.


That's beautiful!


divychic, where do you find a fake banana tree and especially a PLUG IN TIKI TORCH?
I have been puzzling over how to fashion a plug in tiki torch and so far have come to no conclusions.

Jeez, chicks!

Chacha... plug in tiki torches are quite easy, I made a few of them recently... I'll get a digital pic tonight and post tomorrow... but I purchased a bunch of small tiki torches, removed the lamp oil can and cut the top and bottom, drilled holes through the bamboo, ran wire and switch up through bamboo, bought light bulb socket, connected wire to socket, and screwed in a flame flicker bulb... easy and cheap...!

Watch for pic tomorrow!


How do you get them to stand up indoors? They are meant to be staked into the ground...Maybe set in a planter or other type of base?
Looking forward to the photos and thanks for the tips!

We made some plug in tiki torches just like that Lake Surfer. They really look great with the flicker bulb in them don't they! It was a very easy project and it's always good to not have open flame near the thatched roofing of our bar!


Trying to remember where I got that banana tree and I got it at a garage sale for $10. I think it was 5 1/2 ft tall. As for the tiki torch I did get it off ebay but looked at how it was made and it's exactly like everyone is saying. Looks real easy. I picked up 4 small tiki torches at the dollar store and going to make some myself. Looks at if you spend more time picking up everything than making one. I just pushed mine in the planter bottom of the banana tree. Another cheap idea is to use beach roll up mats as rugs. I have tile and they stay in place...

wow, that's such a coincidence you asked about the torches, i've been wondering how to do that for a while too =). Looks like i have more decorating to do this weekend.


I, too, have made these torches, and yes, they are as easy to make as it sounds! I was able to pick up everything at Home Depot and they literally took me about 10 minutes to make. I made some to give out as Christmas presents, but ended up keeping them... However, I was unable to 'drill through the bamboo' - how does one do that? - so just used brown cable-ties to strap the cord to the bamboo and it blends in perfectly. I put switches on mine, but found I prefer to just leave them on all night - gives the lounge a cool look as I stumble through it at 3AM...
Helpful hint: if you can get the torches that have removable plastic canisters with metal screw-top lids, just discard the canisters and use just the lids - it saves having to cut through metal cans!

You can either just drill at 90 degrees into the torch or if you can get a piece of small diameter (1/4) black pipe and ram the centers out of the bamboo (this is easier to do if you clamp the pole gently to your workbench so tou don't have to watch the top basket) Here are our two (under the pufferfish lights)...

Dang! That's nice! I had, actually, been leaning toward the idea of REAL FIRE (natural gas) but have been a bit afraid of setting my head on fire (see what's happened to Michael Jackson since he did it?). I may have to nail one of these suckas together just to see what it looks like.
I dig all the flowers on the wall, too, TikiStitch. Man! A room like that could keep a Statler Brother busy for an entire year!

Mahalo for the kind words =) I just threw together my Tiki Torch, here's the result, 10.00 bucks in all! Love the Bar Basement Kahuna, very awesome job!

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I must say that the Disney Tiki poster I see there is awesome. Every Tiki bar should have one!

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