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Mac users on Shutterfly, I need help!

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I've been using Shutterfly links to this page to post my pictures using the method that was described here in the past... I was posting on a friends PC which made it easy to get the link by clicking on the mouse button...

How and where do I get the link info if I'm using my Mac? Any help would be great so I can get back to posting pics here!


Aloha, Lake Surfer!
This conundrum confounded me, too and
Tangaroa said it best when he said it here; http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=1462&forum=1

Good luck and happy posting!
-Weird Uncle Tiki

Thanks a ton... I could have sat here for hours trying to figure that out... although a graphic designer, I'm still struggling to learn and get up to speed on web design and web tech... I live and learn by experience until them...

Mahalo again!

I also need this info, no right clicky, thanks!!

I don't have internet explorer and still can't get the url, holding on the pic does nothing. Help!?


Try holding down the Control button while clicking on the image.

Thx Quikiki!!

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