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Tiki Centralites Thrown out of Hampton Inn Tropican, LV

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After a faboulous visit to Taboo Cove in the Venetian, we were thrown out of our hotel room at Hampton Inn Tropicana in Las Vegas. We were "asked to leave" when I merely attempted to file a complaint with the night manager. I was complaing about a brawl that occured in the hotel lobby between two disorderly young men who were apparently guests of the hotel. Tiki Centralites PLEASE BOYCOTT THIS AND ALL OTHER HAMPTON INNS! Thank you!

mig posted on Mon, May 27, 2002 10:34 PM

Shelley: Very interesting event there. But your post raises another question that I bet a lot of people here are also wondering about: HOW WAS THE VENETIAN? A lot of us went there independently soon after it opened... but lately, there have been scattered reports that it is kind of on the decline: techno music, unusually high cover for men/free for women even when the place is empty; etc. So can you give us the report? Do they still have Shag menus? (Heard those might be on the way out.) What about all the paraphernalia-- swizzle sticks, napkins, matchbooks, etc... is that all still available? Are they still booking live acts for their stage(s)? Do they still offer tropical drinks? Do they still have all the decor on the walls? etc.

Re: Hampton Inn: write a letter to their headquarters. Use nice, firm language like "will never stay at another Hampton again" and "am telling everyone I know"...

Hey! Maybe we should all do that with the Taboo Cove.

I was just at Taboo Cove three weeks ago and had a nice visit. We were there on a quiet Sunday, and pretty early, so we were the only ones there. The guy who runs the joint (I can't remember his name) was behind the bar, so I had a nice conversation with him and he was nice enough to put on some exotica music for us.

It might not be the single most "authentic" tiki shrine around, but the guy's got a car payment and house payment just like anybody else, so he's got to make a buck.


Taboo Cove was awesome. The Venus is a great lounge. We arrived about 10:00, Taboo Cove was open, (since 5:00)- Venus was going to open at 12:00. There was no cover and I don't know if they were enforcing a dress code. (I was wearing leather shoes). TC looked great, totally Tikified. The bartenders (5 of 'em) were really freindly one took me on a tour of Venus despite the fact it was closed. They told me they had just changed hands and the future was unclear as to what the venue may change into. they said it was being aggresively promoted, but the casino still had no idea where TC or Venus were located. They did not have the "Bosko Menu" I had seen on Bosko's website, I don't know about the "Shag Menu".They had Venus matches and venus swizzle sticks and venus napkins. The Thecno Pop and Rap was LOUD, VERY LOUD.I got a MaiTai and a Tropicana they were $12.00 each and they were bad. Shelley tried my Mai Tai and ordered a Bacardi Soda. I asked about a tropical drink and they came up with something that had "Finlandia cranberry-midori-and redbull-YUCK. The place was pretty full and had a really fun crowd. We met some really fun people. And as I said the bartenders were great. One of the bar keeps had seen "Dita Von Tease" do her bulesque act, he said it was awsome. He did not hold out much hope for more shows. The future will tell.
Despite the obnoxious music and the fact the place is very small I give it an +A.I really enjoyed "Cheeseburger at the Oasis". It was like someones home bar with the collection of "Treasure Craft" and Hawaiiana and Tiki mugs. I also had a volcano at the "Papyrus" served in a cool volcano bowl next to some awsome Tikis. Did not make it to Kahunaville or Noodles.

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Hampton is owned by Hilton which is where Trader Vic's is in Atlanta. If it's any comfort, I'm staying at a Best Western for the Hukilau. What the heck happened anyway? Or is the whole episode a little foggy? My sister works for Hampton, so I'd like to tell her about it.

We came back to the Hotel from Taboo Cove. I went to In and Out Burger and Shelley waited at the bar in the Hotel. A fight broke out between two druken frat boys. Shelley told them to take it outside. The little boy security gaurd had to pretend he was doing something, so he came down on Shelley. He was afraid of the drunks. I came back and we ate burgers in the room. Shelley called the Manager to complain, got hung up on twice, She went downstairs. a half hour later the cops called me and told me to vacate the premises. We tried to find a hotel room we drove to the strip, then Whiskey Pete's, then Baker we ended up sleeping in a rest stop in the middle of the desert. Got two hours sleep, woke up, went home, missed Jimmy Buffet. Yes, I missed Jimmy Buffet.
Shelley is sending registered mail right now seeking a sit down meeting with the CEO of western operation for Hampton Inn. The woman who called the cops on us was really not the manager. She's pissed Shelley off, may god have mercy on her soul.

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I stopped by Taboo Cove a couple of weeks ago. It was about 7 P.M. on a Friday night. There were about 6 people in there. The place looked great, but it was quiet. No exotica music or anything, just something blah. The Venus side was closed. The entrance to it was open and all the lights were on, but it was empty and roped off.

The ad for Venus that I saw had a picture of some chick in a bustier; more specifically, the cleavage zone. It looked more like an ad for a "gentleman's club", even kinda soft porny. It didn't very effectively communicate what the place was about. Well, it IS about boobs, (isn't everything?) but it's also about mid-century style and space age swingers, no?



You stated "Taboo Cove was awesome" and then explained how the expensive drinks wer terrible, there was too-loud rap music being played, there were no longer any tropical drink menus, and the bartenders didn't even know what a tropical drink was. I'm assumimg the decor was "awesome" (I would agree) but what else was good about it? You stated the bartenders were great but I'm not sure why you say that because they seem to have failed at their whole purpose for working there: to make good drinks (especially at those prices)! Maybe the bartenders were great at spinning bottles like Tom Cruise in Cocktail (they were trying when we were there)!

Your experience at the Hampton Inn sounded awful. I am appalled!


Yes, the drinks sucked, the music was bad and there was no attempt to create a tiki atmosphere. I'm a bit of a bar crawler and have seen a number of bars, good and bad. Taboo Cove, was the funnest, highest energy bar I have visited in awhile. The barkeeps did not know what a tropical was, but, they said they would make anything I came up with. I asked if they had orgeat, they didn't stock it any more. what they lacked in knowlege, they made up for in enthusiasm. I also asked a million questions and they were very gracious and answered all of them.
I got my drinks in tiki mugs and I appreciated the tour of Venus. I had the false impression there was an attitude at TC.
That the gorilla watching the door was an asshole and the employees were appathetic loosers and the clientel were stiffs. That was not my experience. they were courteous fun people who enjoyed what they were doing.
Taboo cove looks incredible, as tiki as it comes. if you haven't seen it you need to, warts and all.

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**Poly-Pop ***

Bartender, make mine a glass of WATAHHH!!!!!

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A fine, strongly worded letter indeed! Good job. Please let us know the outcome of all this.

-Weird Unc

Yes, I'd certainly like to know the results of your protests.

From a security point of view it all sounds very frustraiting.

My brother is a general manager for Accor Hotels (Motel 6 & others). I'm sure he would be equally interested in knowing how Hampton handles this.

Keep us informed. Until then, the boycott continues! Viva la'Tiki!



Hey Tiki Centralites!

Here is the latest on Shelley's private war with Hampton Inn Tropicana. Thank you for your interest and support with the boycott!

5/31 Shelley is contacted by a Visa representative who asked H.I.T. G.M., Lee Brigmon, to remove the charge for $129.71 on Shelley's Visa bill. Bridgmon tells Visa rep. "I have absolutely no interest in working with Visa or Shelley to remove the charge. She (Shelley) is a lunatic! And I don't appreciate people who run around thinkin' they are 'Little Miss It' and trying to act like they are all EDUCATED!"

6/2 Visa says they will remove the charge and take up the dispute with H.I.T. themselves.

6/5 AM Shelley is a guest on Troubleshooter, Tom Martino's national radio show. H.I.T. Manager, Luis Leon hung up on Martino when he tried to contact H.I.T. Martino broadcasts H.I.T.'s phone number over the air at least four times. Martino says, "H.I.T. is on my black list. Consumers should avoid that place like the plague. The management staff are idiots!"

6/5 PM Hampton Inn Corporate Guest Assistance contacts Shelley to apologize and refund her money. They want to offer a free night at a H.I. (Gag.) They grovel and apologize profusely. They mention H.I.T. G.M. Bridgmon as saying, "I just want to make it right." Now, do you think that had anything to do with the message Tom Martino left on his voice mail?

Thank you all for your support!
Love, Shelley

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[ Edited by: Alnshely on 2002-06-06 18:16 ]

What that moron didn't realize is that Shelley IS "Miss IT"! Good fer you :)

Awesome results! I'm glad to hear you were able to get something resolved. I guess the radio thing made them sh*t in their pants!

That is SO great! I come from a country (Germany) where courteous service is a foreign word, and I get upset about bad experiences everytime I go back, so I love it when these kind of attitudes are punished and the consumer is victorious. Good job!


Ahhhh. Sweet revenge!
I'm always so pleased when stupid/rude behavior gets called on.

Congratulations! Good thing she's all educated and stuff, right?

I will drink a mai tai in your honor!


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Awesome. Congradulations !
Glad some people still have back bones in this world and stand their ground for all of us!

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