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burning tiki boat

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I was watching the news last night and saw this burning boat or barge or something. It was floating on the water up in flames and I caught the name of the boat. It was Pyro Tiki. I don't know if I was more struck by the Tiki in it's name or by the Pyro, considering the fact that it was up in flames at the time.


I was at work today rewinding a tape when I came across the video of the boat fire in Miami...I didn't think anything of it until I noticed the name...

I'm sure glad it wasn't our local character here. http://www.tikiboat.com/
Anybody partied hearty on this barge?

Nice ship...have there ever been any past Tiki Central bashes, crawls, drunken brawls, plank walk'n or events held on this vessel? maybe a future one could be planned?

That is a great idea, Tiki Rider!

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