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Who carved these?

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Milan Guanko?


Barney West or Charles Rosencrans would be my guess, but it could easily be an "anonymous"

The top one looks like a Bobby Brown Gumby do. Really though, as a carver, I'm fascinated by the lines of the second one. A clean design work'o'art!

The second one has a cat-like look. Bosko thought it was Milan Guanko also.
Thank goodness for the Book of Tiki. Any more books out there that reference different carvers?

That first tiki use to live at the Tropics Hotel in Modesto, CA, according to this postcard. Is the second tiki from the same location as the first?


thejab posted on Fri, Mar 7, 2003 1:58 PM

Last time I was in Modesto the tikis were still there at the motel (2-3 years ago). #2 doesn't look like it was a the same motel but I can't remember too well.

I was just there reciently and the the tikis are all still very much intact. The hotel is also right next to the 'Tiki Cocktails' bar. It was closed when I was there but I have heard great things about the place.

You got that right. The Tropics Motel and Tiki Cocktails. LuckyD, try again on a Friday night, forget the drinks though. I thought the place would be a dive. Not so. Very small, but fun. I guess you make your own fun. You're forced to listen to whatever anyone else plays on the juke. Definitely a younger crowd.

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