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For Chacha... pictures of my electric tiki torches...

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I don't have any up yet, still playing around with different methods but here is the basic idea...

And a shot of how I did the top with bulb socket in the lamp oil can...

Good luck!

I have those at the 821.(http://www.tikiking.com/Pic_Frame_Set.html) I have used a few different methods over the years. (I made my first electrics in '98) The oil cans are the easiest, but I like the look of the "tiki" brand, with the cone shaped tops. Also, I used a metal rod to poke holes through the center of the bamboo pole and threaded the cord through to hide it. Fun stuff.

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Ok,...So I need help. I bought 5 foot tiki torches to turn them into a lighted electrical torch. Same problem,..getting the cord down the bamboo. Metal rod? What kind? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

Greyhound1986 wrote:
...getting the cord down the bamboo. Metal rod? What kind? Any other suggestions?

I popped open a fortune cookie last night at it just happened to be this:

Confuscious says~
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Wow, some co-inky-dink, huh?

I use a skinny piece of galvanized pipe courtesy of Home Depot. About $4. You can connect the pipes to make them longer.

If you're gonna do lots of these, or tall ones, get yourself one of those huge honkin' drill bits that are used to drill holes for electrical wiring inside walls. They're like 4' long and burn through the bamboo like butter. I used mine to make shorties and taller torches. It helps to have somebody hold the torch for you so it won't spin.

Also, Home Depot has some really cool chandelier-base sockets that actually screw right into the oil can in place of the original cap. I like these a lot and am slowly retrofitting my existing torches with them.

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