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new cat on the block

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howdy all, new guy here in this tiki land of yours.looking forward to some good times,maybe a bit about myself.besides tikis i like bugs and music(from punk to bluegrass to jazz ect oh and noise,i promoe noise shows here in windsor,put on some wild shows) i work as a printer doing foil and embossing(been on a press for about 13 years now) i have 4 cats and a big dog that live with me and my girlfriend in a nice apaartment in the downtown area of windsor,and i also collect old electric fans and radios(in fact i am a pack rat from old ettiquet books to copies of alice in wonderland among other oddities) i am an avid bowler (highgame 246) reader and sometimes i put stuff in art shows.well that is all for now

later days cats

Welcome aboard. You will find Canada well represented here.

Welcome aboard!



canadatikipunk, welcome to Tiki Central!

Old ettiquette books, huh? Do you stick your pinky up when you bowl? Jes' kidding! Aloha and welcome!


Welcome to the family, canadatikipunk.


Hey canadatikipunk, aloha from Vancouver! Windsor, eh? Get across to Motown much? Welcome!


yeah spend a good deal of time in the good ol' U S of A (lol) most bands on tour don't stop here so i have to go over there to see them, but it is all cool

later days cats

I've got a nice little collection of old etiquette books, too! My fave by far is "The Cosmo Girl's Guide to Etiquette" from 1970 or '71. It includes very (then) timely information on things like "What to do with your fall [additional hairpiece, guys] when you're sleeping at a new man's place" or how to anchor it in when you're waterskiing!! I'm not kidding!! "Then I come up out of the water with my long tresses floating all around me, like a mermaid."!! Priceless.

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