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eBay: VanTiki: Deep Sea Tiki #2 and Iron Tiki #1 - AMAZING!

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Yes, yes. I did actually put "AMAZING" in the subject header (all caps, no less). Why? Welp, gosh darn it, these new mugs truly are amazing - I was totally stoked with the sculpts, and after spending two days straight glazing them they came out of the kiln this morning looking glorious! Without further adieu -

Deep-Sea Tiki #2:

Experience the Rapture of the Deep with this Deep sea Denizen and his eight-armed watchdog! Grab the octopus firmly and lift the coral encrusted lid to fill this aquatic Tiki God with rum and tropical nectars. The Deep sea Tiki holds a lot of grog, so you may want to find a mermaid to accompany you on this dive!

Many more photos and info here at vantiki:

and the eBay auction link:

Next up:
Iron Tiki #1

Hold on buddy - before you get any closer to this mechanized Tiki beast we gotta run you though the safety checklist. Have you had a tetanus shot recently? Yes? good. Hardhat? Check. Steel toe boots? Check. Assorted rums and sprits? Check. A crew of hearty mechanics to help you tackle the amazing amount of fluid this iron tiki is able to store? Check. Looks like you are good to go - just stay clear of the teeth!

Many more photos and info here at vantiki:

and the eBay auction link:

I can't tell you guys how happy I am with the way these mugs turned out. These will be my final offerings of the year, as we are winding down for the holidays. If you want these to wind up under the tree for someone special, let me know (if you with the auction) and we can discuss shipping options that will guarantee an arrival date before the 25th. Mahalo for looking and good luck bidding!

Henrik "VanTiki"


AMAZING INDEED!!!! Nothing wrong in knowing how good your art is my friend! Each time you post, I'm sure I gasp a little louder?!! The 'Big Guns' are going to be fighting over these that's for sure! Keep it up...although I don't know how you have the stamina?

A fan in AWE!!!! Trader Jim - Make mine a Mai-Tai in a VANTIKI mug...gotta go...i'm going to wake up in a minute!!!!!


Aloha Passengers, the capitan has tuned on the Two Days Left in the eBay auction sign.

Please adjust your seat backs, stow your tray tables, and bid accordingly.

Mahalo, and thank you for flying VanTiki air.

PS - Mahalo for the compliments POCKETIKI!

iron tiki by vantiki

Here's a photo of Iron Tiki #1 to replace the broken photos above. :)

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