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Hello Everyone!

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Hi I am Captain tiki! I am new to tikicentral. I live and breath tikimadness. So feel free to chat with me or email me at [email protected]. Gotta go chisel baby!

Dan Baker



I would like to welcome you aboard on behalf of Polynesian Pop and myself.

(ha ha Pop, I scored a post in your name - you going down sucka!)

Welcome Captain Tiki.
Where do you surf in Phoenix?
I love the shirts that show a skeleton stretched out in a lounge chair saying, "But it's a dry heat"

Welcome Captaintiki! Please feel free to join in on our daily discussions of Tiki-Centrist Subjects. You seem like one who could fit in just fine...!

Ahoy fellow Captain, I'm fairly new here myself. Tiki Central is a welcome port in this restless world.

Welcome to Tiki Central!It's not just a job it's an adventure.

Welcome aboard!


Good evening, Mr. Captain....Your usual tonight?

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