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South Pacific "Flying V" Tiki

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For Christmas I gave Formikahini a book about the production of the movie "South Pacific." We spent a little time looking through it at all of the designs which were referenced in BoT. One item which wasn't mentioned was the 7 foot tiki with the big "flying V" on it's forehead. Then I watched the movie again and didn't see this tiki used anywhere in the movie! In the book, there are about four or five pictures of this flying V tiki, each with one of the directors, producers, bigwigs, etc. Did this go to the scrapyard after the movie was finished or to Trader Jhoe's and then the scrapyard? Anybody know?

Also, Formikahini found a matchbook from a restaurant/bar called "Hu Ke Lau". Based on the age of the matchbook it looks like it's from the 80s. We drove by the address and it looks like it's part of a mid-80s strip mall. The address given is still in existence, but it looks like a gay, leather bar. Out in front is a little garden area, which may very well have had a few sculptures to welcome people. We will investigate further. (Houston has so little to search through!)

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