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Hotel Bora Bora, , French Polynesia (hotel)

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Name:Hotel Bora Bora
country:French Polynesia

An elegant luxury hotel on Bora Bora's Blue Lagoon

We had a day in Bora Bora, and we spent the morning on a cruise around the Motu's with spectactular views of the island. Back on shore, we searched for Tikis, finding only a sign on a tourist shop:

We decided to look at an elegant luxury hotel on the island (one of those $1000 a night for the "cheap room" places).

The Bora Bora Hotel has one of the greatest Tropical Bars ever. They were closed between meals, but they let me take pictures:

Not much actual "Tiki" - a few really nice pieces:

I walked around the hotel grounds, we had a delicious "snack" on the beach, and then wandered next door to one of the Pearl Shops that are found every where on the island - But this one had Tikis!

(continued next post)

(Continued from last post)

Some "tasteful" Marquesan style tikis adorned the garden entrance to the pearl shop

More Tikis at the doorway

I took pictures wandering across the grounds

This place has a LOT of Tikis!

This one was a work in progress:

(More pictures in the next post)

(Continued from last post)

This pearl shop grounds were filled with tikis -

This big "totem pole" was out front facing the road:

Then our Taxi arrived and I had to leave the tikis and head back to the boat!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.........I wish I could be there. Thanks for all the pictures it looks fab.I haven't been back there in 12 years, looks just as good as ever.

More pictures of this beautiful place!

Those are the waves breaking way out on the horizon. The coral reefs keep the water around the island calm

No, we didn't stay here, but the rooms look wonderful

Approaching Bora Bora from the sea. The sky was overcast, but we got very little rain on our visit

Enjoying a refreshing "Tabu" beer (The tiki lager beer)

Does anyone sell these on the mainland?

Tourist-ey shop in town with many Indonesian tikis

That place is freakin' beautiful (and Bora Bora seems nice too!)

I know there was probably way to much other stuff for photos, but any other pictures of the bottles behind the bar?

Would love to see what kind of hooch a tropical bar in bora bora keeps in stock!

Hi, Leisure

No photos of the liquor cabinet. The rums at bars & shops I went to tend to be from Martinique by way of France. (Makes sense since this is French Polynesia) La Mauny white (in various strengths) and St James for the dark are the most popular. Unfortunately, I didn't bring back any bottles of this, since I had a couple bottles of Havana Club ;>

Amazing. Tiki nirvana!

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