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Howdy Folks!!!

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Hi. I'm new here and I'm really looking forward to getting involved and having a good time.

Aloha, Welcome aboard!


I guess my Tikiness started with the Enchanted Tiki Room at Walt Disney World. I grew up near Columbus, Ohio and my family went to the Kahiki several times during my childhood. When I was Older I went on my own until it closed.

I became a fanatic when I first heard Martin Denny. Wow! What more can I say! I'm in the process of creating a Tiki bar. Right now I'm in the planning stages.

Hopefully coming here will give me new inspiration and new sources. Maybe even a little Tiki fellowship is in order.

I'm sure I'll be happy here.



Aloha, and welcome aboard on behalf of myself and my good friend (no not life partner) Polynesian Pop!

(ha ha Pop, that's 2 you losing DaWg!)

Damnit Bong! Stop that sh*t! Oh yeah, welcome to Tiki Central stunrut. You'll have to excuse Bong - he likes to speak on behalf of people all the time. Try not to be too peeved when you discover that he always finishes your sentences.


It's Ok. I do that too.

Welcome aboard!


Good evening, Mr. Stunrut.....Your usual tonight?


Oh, yes indeed! That'll be one Mary Ann & Ginger.

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