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Where's Gecko?

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Haven't heard from the maestro in a while...


Was wondering the same thing myself.

I just spoke with Gecko on Saturday after letting him know about Kailuageoff's silent auction. Gecko says:

"Man, I ben bizzy! no time fo play right now. Working on some bamboo clothing racks fo a customer down in Waikiki and da north shore and we just got family in lastnight from da mainland. I need to get on tc and see wot i been missin ya."

So he's been busy and doing fine with the family right now.

Here is something for you East Coast TC'er's: Gecko said that it was cold this morning in Hawaii....all of about 70 degrees!! bbrrrrrr....cold! ha ha!


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GECKO posted on Mon, Feb 17, 2003 9:18 PM


ey peopo howzit! tanks fo da thought guys. what da hell been going on? all kine new membas! dats ono! shaka to da new peopoz. tanks fo da up to date kine stuff Sugga cane caddy!! wazzzup braddah stingray!

hey BK so what you wen carvin now cuz? where you get plenny time fo dis stuff? days are to short for me. neva get enough time!

braddah hula hula, you get your tiki yet? wassup? tell your sista i cannot get da email to go trew. she wanted me to send da pics from la mariana but it keeps coming back?? email me brah.

i tink you guys jus miss my pics of da kine...tikis huh? ok, i wen posted some on da collecting section...what you waiting fo? go chek em already!

GECKO posted on Mon, Feb 17, 2003 9:19 PM

cannot forget da TURBOGOD! howzit cuz!

Aloha, Gecko....nice to have you back in da hut....Here's a gallon of Kava! I put a couple of new weapons on the Carving Post a while ago but have been sick so the productivity has been down this week. Where's the latest finely engineered tiki from Geckowerken Hawaii?

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