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Moy's Japanese Steak House, Livonia, MI (restaurant)

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Name:Moy's Japanese Steak House
Street:16825 Middlebelt

I just got this sumo flip mug today. I thought I'd do a little dig'n on the web for some info. Not alot can be foud for the steak house locaion in lovonia so I casted a wider net and got
Moy Kong Express
Moy Kong Restaurant
Moy's Kitchen
Moy's Cafe
Moy's Restaurant ....All in Michigan. I even got a Moy's Cove in Pa. and another Moy's in Columus Oh.
I did a search for the address and came up with a payphone location at the same address. I could not pin down a current phone number or even if the place is still open. So in the end I have the mug and a couple of pic's .Has anyone heard of, been to, or know of any other mugs or items from Moy's. Does/did it have any Tiki Or Polypop decor? And the big question is it still around? Maybe a Tiki Agent in the area could to a drive-by of the location. Pic's on the post below. Thanks


The above interior photos maybe the main dinning room. I know in some cases the lounge would have a different decor. Or it may just be wishful thinking.

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Matiki posted on Mon, Jan 7, 2008 6:33 PM

Was a very cool spot to take a first date back when I was in High School ( 80's) It's now a vacant lot. I think they did a good business and I dont know what happened. Cool you posted it up


Thanks for the reply Matiki. Do you remember if they had diiifrent types of mugs or what the interior looked like in the 80's?


O.K. Great!! We have another vacant lot. Seems that places that used to have any type of tiki mug In Michigan attract bulldozers like trailer parks attract tornadoes. No offense to our friends living in trailer parks.

"Anyone who has ever seen them is thereafter haunted as if by a feverish dream" Karl Woermann

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There's a Moy's near my house. St Clair Shores, MI. very close to Waves It's a classic Chinese restaurant, but no bar/alcohol/mugs. In fact, the place was torn down in early December due to an expansion of Rite Aid (sound familiar?) Anyway, the place did a great business for 40 years and still has enough of a local following that they are re-opening about a mile away. I have been watching the progress and as soon as the doors are open, I'll talk to the owners and see if there's any connection between the 2.


Thanks Uncle Trav for posting this! I found a Moy's Sumo Flip mug outside of Portland a few months ago and couldn't find anything about the place. Nice to see it.


On 2008-02-09 11:01, sputnikmoss wrote:
I found a Moy's Sumo Flip mug outside of Portland a few months ago and couldn't find anything about the place.

Glad to see the post helped. That sumo sure did travel a long way from home. Enjoy!

Very interesting discussion, and thanks, Uncle Trav, for the pix. Several years ago, a friend of ours gave us an etched-glass beer mug and a matchbox from Moy's Steak House in Livonia (our last name is Moy). As fate would have it, the mug got broken, and I have been trying to find a replacement - looks like I'm out of luck. I'll keep watching for the opening of the Chinese restaurant in St Clair Shores.


It's weird. I just picked up this morning a Raised Hands Buddha with Moy's on the back. I assume (mistakenly?) that this is a new find.


Hey ! Nice find. Moy's had a couple of other styles of white figure mugs. I passed a couple up a while back because they had so many hairline cracks in them I didn't think they would make it home. Thanks for posting your mug. Another piece of history saved.


Matchbox from Moy's. I have been seeing a few of the white figure mugs in the wild but have yet to pick one up for the collection.

"Anyone who has ever seen them is thereafter haunted as if by a feverish dream" Karl Woermann

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NIK posted on Sun, Feb 1, 2015 11:18 PM

How funny. I live in Michigan and stumbled upon my first Moy's Sumo Mug this week. I was attracted to it for some weird reason and bought it. While I was doing some online research for resale, this site popped up and the pics/matchbooks jolted my memory. My hippie parents used to take us here for an, "exotic dining experience" in the late 60's? Early 70's? Either way, it delivered!!
Memory just jogged again--anyone from Michigan remember a restaurant in West Bloomfield/Farmington Hills area that had a Tiki Bar? Would have been going there mid-80's. All I remember is giant drinks set in the middle of the table to share with everyone getting a foot long straw and an amazing Pupu platter. Also waking up in Ann Arbor once with no recollection of how I got there.....but that's another story...

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