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Announcing the 7th annual Hukilau June 12-15, 2008

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Announcing the 7th Annual Hukilau - June 12 - 15, 2008

The Hukilau

4 days of Polynesian Pop Splendor set in the heart of America’s Vacationland, Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Come join us for a non-stop of intoxicating tunes, take home Tiki treasures, mesmerizing performances and of course, a magical night with hundreds of other Tikiphiles at the historic Mai-Kai Restaurant!

We have such a variety on the pu-pu platter this year including new musicians to spice up the weekend soundtrack, new historical presenters of Tiki history and an all new finale that is sure to please every Tikiphile’s curiosities about the Mai Kai!

Be sure to check out the new 2008 Munktiki Mug sculpt photos on the Merchandise page of the website and email Tiki Kiliki at [email protected] if you’re interested in signing up for a pre-order email notification! Also pictured is the 2008 Hukilau pendant – each one hand carved in Bali by one of our vendors City Buddha! Lots of other merchandise will be available in the coming weeks including t-shirts and glassware!

All new weekend highlights:

*The Wreck Bar will be closed off through the lobby access during Hukilau hours (11am to 4:00pm) as to create an exclusive atmosphere for our group!
*An exclusive Mai Kai finale you will never forget!!
*Performances by the Fisherman & The Martini Kings in the Wreck Bar during Friday/Saturday

Many new performers and presenters:

*Bosko – a seminar discussing his days as a Tiki pioneer, Urban Archeologist, Tiki Artist
*The Tikiyaki Orchestra - 1st Hukilau Performance from Los Angeles
*The Martini Kings - 1st Hukilau Performance from Los Angeles
*The Fisherman - 1st Hukilau Performance from New York City
*Da Howlies - 1st Hukilau Performance from Wilmington, NC

We welcome the return of such Hukilau veterans as:

*Charles Phoenix – with an all new experience!!
*Jeff “Beachbum” Berry – celebrating potions of the Caribbean and an all new seminar!
*The Haole Kats! back by popular demand!!
*The Intoxicators! Back by popular demand!!
*Torchy Taboo & Hot Lava!!

Please give a big hand for our very own and lovely Heelgrinder for the website design, she has outdone herself and has been an extreme pleasure to work with.

Also, the logo created by the amazing Kevin Kidney!!

So come aboard and set sail for America’s Vacationland…we’ll be waiting for you!!

See You in June!
Yee-Haw & Aloha,

Tiki Kiliki

I just bought our passes! I'm excited!

In like flynn (whoever that is)....

Yeeee Haaaaaaaawwww!!!

I can't wait. See everybody in June!!

The mug looks great!!

Cheers and Mahalo,

And of course, Marina the Mermaid will be swimming for your pleasures all weekend!!

Great ol'skool Mai Kai style! :D

Nice!!! :)

Otto posted on Wed, Jan 9, 2008 9:34 PM

Kiliki, great line up, great mug, great website design. Wish I could make it. maybe next year. Have a blast!

That mug looks like it's gonna walk away with my drink!....gotta have!


That is a really nice design.


Can't wait for the Hukilau!

YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!

On 2008-01-09 06:02, leisure master wrote:
In like flynn (whoever that is)....

Ah the eternal debate: In like Flynn (i.e. Erroll) or.... In like Flint (i.e. our man).

The one thing no one can debate is that Hukilau will rock!

Otto, thanks so much! Everyone, thanks for the compliments. Just wait, that's actually not everything...there's more to come for 2008!

The mug and the pendant are actually based on one of the Mai Kai's own:

Munktiki and City Buddha has once again done an amazing job with both!!



Is Louise from the Mai Kai involved again for pendants pictures ?
Pleeeaase ?

Virani....for you, anything. Louise will once again be modeling for Hukilau merch!


We can't wait!!! Looks like there will be a fairly sizable NYC
contingent attending this year!

Love the new mug!

The lineup is stellar too!

Something to look forward to as we slog through Winter!

All hail Tiki Kiliki!


boy! i am going to try my best to clear my schedule so i can go. looks like too much fun to miss.

it looks like it is shaping up to be another "just keeps getting better" hukilau!


On 2008-01-10 14:18, rugbymatt wrote:

On 2008-01-09 06:02, leisure master wrote:
In like flynn (whoever that is)....

Ah the eternal debate: In like Flynn (i.e. Erroll) or.... In like Flint (i.e. our man).

The one thing no one can debate is that Hukilau will rock!

It's "in like Flynn" Erroll Flynn because of his reputation of bedding any lady he desired.