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Bobbing Hula Dolls in Toronto??

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Hi there! I'm new to the list - I've always found Hawaiian/Polynesian culture interesting and this year I'm having a theme party for my birthday.
My husband and I have been busily downloading some very cool music and such but what I really need to find in Toronto for a few of those dancing hula girl dolls to give out as prizes.
Now I know I've seen them in various stores around Toronto but can I find any now when I want them??? Sigh! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much and have a good one!

Hi feritzegirl and welcome. I don't know anything about Toronto. Don't know how soon you need these bobbing dolls either, but you can try konakai.com Lot's of stuff there.

Hi feritzegirl, on behalf of Tiki Bong and myself, welcome to Tiki Central! You might want to PM Tiki Bong regarding the dolls - he's into that kind of stuff....

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