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Any TikiCentralers going to VLV this weekend? My girl and I will be going to Sweetpea's Drink-n-Wink and would like to have a cocktail with anyone else who will be out that way.

mig posted on Tue, Mar 26, 2002 12:12 PM

I'm there! And I'll be at Sweetpea's! Just ask her to point me out. :)


Oh yes, I'll be there Thursday-Monday (whew!)

Is the meet at the Orleans and what time?

We'll probably go check out the motorcycle exhibit at the Venetian in the day Thursday and head back to the hotel (the Palms) to change for dinner in the afternoon. Our group is going to the Golden Steer for steaks at about 7 and then head back to the Gold Coast for the show afterwards.

Also will have to check out that Noodles restaurant in the Bellagio that weirduncletiki mentioned for tropical drinks.


I just looked on the VLV web site and found out that it's at Brendan's pub in the Orleans from 2-7 Thursday. See you there!

Yes! go to Bamboo. i went with weirduncletiki and it's quite good. Even tho its not Tiki, they do serve a good drink.

I'm not gonna get into town until Friday. I'm gonna be bummed not getting to get together with you all on Thursday. I'm gonna make it a point to stop by The Taboo Cove while in town and finally check that place out. If anyone sees me while in town be sure and say hi, I'll more than likey be wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a fedora. A bunch of friends of mine are playing out there so I'll be running around all over town the whole weekend. Just in case you guys get together again after thursday gimme a call. My cell is 310-713-1571

Just thought I'd let all of you know, that at the Viva Las Vegas show, artist Von Franco will have 2 Brand new Limited Edition Tiki posters for sale. This will be the first time they have been for sale in the U.S

have fun, wish I could go too.

Erich Troudt

Got back from Vegas yesterday. It was an interesting trip. I went to the Taboo room on Monday night and was told it was only open on weekends, or for private functions. The place looked really cool through the window (from what I could see). It wasn't very big though and was a little hard to find amongst a bunch of shops.
I also went to a place called Kahunaville, that had almost no tiki influence. It reminded me of about a dozen tropical places we have around here, so I just had a martini and left.
For dinner, I went to a Chinese place -- Shanghai Moon or some such -- and ordered a Zombie that had way to much gin in it. I should have gone to Noodles, oh well...
On Tuesday, I went exploring and bought about 25 Hawaiian lps for $1 each from a local record shop. I took them to Mailboxes, etc. and am having them shipped home. I also bought a Trader Dick's mug for $8 and found a Don Ho tumbler for 50 cents.
For dinner, I went to a really nifty place called "Chesseburger at the Oasis" that was in the shops at the Alladin hotel. I know the name sucks, but the place was filled with vintage hawaiiana and tiki culture stuff. They had bosko masks, a few tikis, mugs, wigglers, hula lamps, bamboo, postcards, waitresses in grass skirts and most importantly, a well-stocked round bar under a thatched roof. They also had a guitar player who sang Jimmy Buffet and other non-Hawaiian stuff :( For dinner I had a cheeseburger. I also met the assistant manager who bought me a second Mai-Tai. Overall, this was the best place I visited. I also noticed they had a Tommy Bahamas and a Hawaian Surfboard Co. shop with tiki stuff for sale.
FYI: I didn't get the Witco bar on ebay last Sunday, even though I was the highest bidder. The guy still wants around six grand for it -- which is insane.

Cheeseburger a the Oasis - hmmm, sounds interesting. I'm assuming they named it after what they were serve there. Tikis and burgers under the same roof - Only in Vegas!


Speaking of Vegas, I've read about a new "tropical paradise" restaurant called Kahunaville at the Treasure Island. Anyone been? Any tiki life to be found? Here's a short review.

"Kahunaville at Treasure Island offers an incredible array of fresh coastal cuisine creatively prepared in a hip, upscale atmosphere. You'll find Jamaican jerk chicken satays, crab cakes, Hawaiian pork tenderloin and herb-crusted haddock-all delicately prepared. And you'll think you're on Temptation Island when you see
fried cheesecake and chocolate fondue being served for dessert.

The bustling restaurant combines open kitchens and friendly service with top-quality food at affordable prices. Kahunaville has also been designed to provide a lively bar experience. Along with fantastic drinks, particularly the signature mai tais, you can enjoy energetic crowds and entertainment. Kahunaville showcases magical dancing fountains and performances from servers nightly.

The illusion of the tropics starts at the entrance, which is found under several gigantic palm leaves and exotic flowers. This leads into the brightly colored bar and restaurant-and the sensation of
docking on a tropical island is complete with a view of Treasure Island's pool area."

Sounds intriguing.

One more thing -- I know this is not strictly tiki, but I also know a lot of have an interest in anything "space-age-bachelor-pad," so -- anyone been to Baby's at the Hard Rock. Supposed to resemble a fictional James Bond pad circa 1965 meets the set of "Logan's Run." Reviews? The guys who opened it own a truly swank 60s-style Chinese-themed bar in LA called The Good Luck Bar.

  • Monkey God (Teddy T.)

[ Edited by: MonkeyGod on 2002-04-02 17:49 ]

I went to Kahunaville, but was not impressed. Cheeseburger at the Oasis in the Alladin hotel was much better.

My god, I was so wiped out by Sunday. That was actually my first trip to Vegas. only got 3 hours sleep my first 2 days in town. By 5 in the morning on Saturday night/Sunday morning it was kind of weird in there. Man there was like orgies going on in rooms and girls with boyfriends hooking up with guys they met there, guys running off to the orgy rooms, while their girlfriends were in the lobby, all kinds of stuff. I won't get into specifics cause a stripper in Vegas taught me the one thing I needed to remember, "Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". By the end of the weekend I was very done with Vegas though. Overall I had allot of fun, but it's like that old saying, "A fun place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there".

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