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testing signature

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now what


I put the around it and got the red X

hows this

DOH! Im gona try again

Ok Hows THIS!




HUH? Im obviously missing the obvious
Crap its too big

Im gonna re-size the pic ant try it again I want it to be a signature not a whole message. for some reason I thought this pic was already small enough. Thanks T. for your help Dawn

Whew I foUnd my own test thread. Im gonna misspell a bunch of stuff just to irritate Ruzic.
Just kidding i wont have to do that on purpose it will happen naturally.
Im here today to practice the clickable link cause Im a link tard.
so here goes [http://www.]sophista-tiki.com[/]
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I did it I did it yea!!!! now onto tackling the signature block!

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