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New England Meat & Greet- 1/26 - 6.30pm

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Ok, I'm throwing this out as a "save the date" kind of thing.

The Islander STILL cannot serve booze. I'm hoping the license comes in by the 26th. If not, it may not be worth the drive for those coming from afar, but if us locals still wanna go, you can BYOB to the place. So, we'll premix some good cocktails & we'll hit the habachi side for some Beni-hana style action.

So, if all goes well, dinner at the Top Fuji/Islander in Vernon, CT 1/26.

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Lemme check with the Light of My Life. I think can go.

I'm in!


50/50 for me. I'm kinda busy as hell this weekend...but if I can get things done by Saturday afternoon I'll be there.

What time, and what's the address?


I'll call again on friday and see if they're able to serve booze by then. If not, then its BYOB but I dont know if they'll let us hang out in the lounge side....although we can bring our own perfect cocktails & eat around the giant habachi!!

I'll post friday night to let you know if you should bring a thermos full of Grog, or if we'll be served there.

6.30 start time.

Should be fun (and the food when we were there last time was fantasic...HUGE sushi portions, & excellent steak/chicken)


Oh, and adrs is 450 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon CT 06066

Right in front of Rein's Deli.

I'm in!

Hey this Pete,I'm in too!

I'm good to go!

For those of you who are not familiar with the place, it is right off the exit ramp (west bound) on I-84! Easy on - easy off.


ok, reservation is made.

It is STILL byob, so mix something up & bring a thermos. Or beer, or whatever you want.

I asked if we'd be able to check out the Islander side, and was told that we would.

Reservation is for 6.30 for a party of 10 under the name TIKI.

See ya there.


I should be able to make this.

Are they going to freak out if I bring a bottle of rum and ask for some tasting glasses??


Boo - the Miss and I will have to pass on this one. I think we'll be in lock down until we get back from PR on next month (gotta save that cash!).

Have fun!

On 2008-01-22 17:35, Lukeulele wrote:
For those of you who are not familiar with the place, it is right off the exit ramp (west bound) on I-84! Easy on - easy off.

So how did you get lost? :wink:

Great time. All that place needed was some Tiki and it would be all right. Also, I'm gonna start seeking out BYOB restaurants!

Sorry I missed after thinking I was good to go. I got called to work and got home to late to clean up and go. I have been in there and it will be ok but l like Chinese food better. Oh well,,, I tried.