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Mystery at 35 MPH

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While I was waiting at a crosswalk this afternoon a large flatbed truck went past, its cargo being a somewhat dusty looking, round, thatch Tiki hut. In LA one might see such a sight every week and could safely assume the hut was being used for another Gilligan's Island movie or something of similar caliber. Here in the Jet City that's less likely, and being one traveler long I stood ("long" meaning until the light changed) pondering the Tiki hut on a flatbed truck. It may have been a rental on the way to some half assed luau on a party boat (Blue Margaritas no doubt being the highlight of the evening). I hoped it wasn't the last item being hauled off to the dump from some long boarded up Polynesian lounge in a China Town basement.

Had to have been a pretty awesome (albeit bizarre) sight! How did you overcome the temptation to jump into a cab and chase it to it's destination? I bet I would'a just HAD to.

"I'm sorry I was 3 hours late for work, but I was chasing a Tiki Hut down Pendleton Street..."

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Welcome, Purple Jade! And keep in mind... Every day on Tiki Central is like Chasing a Tiki Hut. Only... On Tiki Central you've got a lot of help in finally locating and capturing one.

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