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Parker's Tiki House, Hastings, MI (restaurant)

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Name:Parker's Tiki House
Street:128 S. Jefferson St.

Parkers Tiki House was Polynesian in and out. Nice a-frames on the exterior. Now the fun part. If anyone can help me on this one I would be grateful. I have been on the hunt for info on this place for some time and have hit a dead end. The only thing I remember seeing from this place is a postcard showing the dinning room and the exterior. I anyone has this card please post it. I have talked to the former president of the local historic sosiety, the mayor, local news papers, chamber of commerce,the libray and two former owners. No one has a photo, a story, any history or even a menu or post card. I believe the original owner moved to Florida and has passed away. Old tiki bars are few and far between up in my area. Thanks

Wow, that is good research, but with no pay off. Must have not been around for long. But some of these local people DO at least remember the name, right? I certainly have never heard about it, sorry to say.

Thanks Bigbro. I think the place opened in the late 60's. It was sold a second time in the early 80's and was turned into the County Seat restaurant. The former president of the historical society, Jerry has been a huge help in the hunt. Always good to talk to these folks as they have allot of connections about local histories. I'll keep digging and maybe something will turn up.

"Anyone who has ever seen them is thereafter haunted as if by a feverish dream" Karl Woermann

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here is a postcard

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!! Man I talked to every last living owner and came up with nothing, other than a nice chat. This is one of the Michigan rarities that keep me looking. Anyway we can get a nice clear scan to see whats in the background of the dinning room? And thanks again this made my day.

Wowie! The background ...? Hell, I wanna see a crisp blow up of that masked triple A-frame facade! From what period was that place, Trav, late 60s?

Sven. It opened in the late sixties. The place was sold twice and I talked to both owners. The original owner has passed away. It lasted until 1982 and is now a family restaurant. Nothing of the exterior or interior that was Tiki remains. Hastings is a small town not far from me. Seems someone would have something. I'll keep digging.

Trav, with your tenacity, I hope you don't mean digging up the original owner and reviving him Frankenstein-style to ask if he left any photos or menus somewhere! :D

Now hang on ...... That's some real Tiki archeology. Come on out Sven I got Mai Tais, flashlights and shovels. And the snow is gone.:D


I will post a scan when i return from vacation. This is a great tiki time organizing and researching our collection. enjoying rum and having time to post. wow is there better things to do on vacation....


Any chance we can get a good clear scan of this great card?


here is the scan


Thanks so much. That is a great image. I did a close up of the exterior shot. Looks like you could have a cocktail while the Commies were blasting the place back in the 60's (see fallout sign next to Tiki sign).

"Anyone who has ever seen them is thereafter haunted as if by a feverish dream" Karl Woermann

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Cool posts Trav,thanks!


Time to resurrect this post from way back when. I was contacted by a family member of the original owner of Parker' Tiki House a bit ago. I was happy and surprised to here about the restaurant from a family member. Just goes to show how TC can help in keeping memories of these nearly forgotten places alive. The Parker's opened the restaurant in 1949 and it was originally called Parker's Tavern. Like many folks of that era a trip to Hawaii was all it took for the returning owners to recreate the Tavern into the Tiki House. I hope to hear from the family member soon for some more information on the history of the restaurant as every small bit helps to complete the story of a great little piece of Michigan's exotic past.

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