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ideas from Pad

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I just got the book "Pad" last week and love it! It has some great projects. I have already made the tiki mug wall hangings (from casts) and I turned the firepit idea into a cool tiki fountain using the moai incense burners from Spencer's. It looks pretty great. My boyfriend is working on the Sterno volcano. Has anyone else tried any of these projects? How did yours turn out? I will try and get some pictures up soon.

I have been checking out the tiki bar instructions. Has anyone here made the one in PAD? Or anything similar? I haven't seen 'Sturdi-Brackets' anywhere, so the whole thing will be made from scratch. If anyone has any tips, please let me know!

I haven't made anything from PAD yet-but it has inspired plenty of other projects. I have been eyeing both the flame pit and the wall plaques. My other interest is on page 40-the faux-fur covered TV! I'm not to keen on animal prints, but I'm sure I could find something that I could use that would make the TV a bit tiki.

Can't wait to see pictures of the plaques and the flame-pit fountain!

Tacky Tiki

I did an online search last time this book was brought up and didn't find anything... where do you order it from, how much is it and is there anywhere that I can get a sneak preview? Sounds like an inspiring book...

For a Christmas party I made the flaming cabbage centerpiece and the 'Devil's One-Two' punch. Both got great reviews from my party goers and I think the event wouldn't have been the same with out them. The cabbage makes this crazy crackling sound and the punch is enough to really get people going.

I also made the flaming garnishes for the drinks. For people that aren't really intro the whole production of a party, my guests were taken a back by the elaborate production and distinctive garnishes.

A hint with the devil's 1-2 and the ice ring. Keep the punch in the freezer before the party to keep it cold, that way when the party starts and you put the ice ring in, it won't immediately begin melting. My ice ring was gone in like an hour and a half. It may also be a good idea to have a back up ice ring just in case.

Super cool book!

Lake Surfer, go to amazon.com and search "pad". There's two books out now, Pad, and Pad Parties.


I have a review (okay, a summary) and a link to it on Amazon (sponsored) here:


Mahalo Traderpup and Hanford!

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