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Hey Lake Surfer

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I went to the premier of Step Into Liquid the other week in Santa Barbara. There was a lenghty segment on surfing the Great lakes, are you in there?
Some pretty classic characters, seems like a cool scene.
Anyhoo, I thought I'd give you a shoutout.


Here is the link to the flick.

Hey Captain, thanks for the shout...
We haven't seen the movie yet, we're hoping for a showing soon. We figure the Westcoast may have had a good laugh on us, but we love our little scene. Everyone here is truely stoked on surfing, no matter how big or small it is. We enjoyed having Dana and his crew in for the yearly surf fest. I live 50 miles south of Sheboygan but surf with the locals many times during the year and many are good friends. We were lucky to have surf at all for the movie, it was kinda small. It does get bigger and better at times. Wish I could live in your little surf town, or even Encinitas for that matter... but we make do with what we have!

Here's a shot of last year's Dairyland Surf Classic...

And a small size wave from last year... cleaner than the waves in the movie... this is Larry, one of the brothers in the movie...

It can get this big...

Waves to you!

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unreal! Keep it up.

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