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Tiki Desktop Pattern

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Hey all,

I was bored at work, so I cobbled some Tiki mug shots together to create this image for tiling on your desktop.

It's a little distracting for real work, but kinda' fun for creating the tiki atmosphere in the ol' cube.


The Huge Magazine Tiki Collection, Desktop Patterns, Pics and Links: http://www.hugemagazine.com/html/tiki.html

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Thank you so much! it's on my desktop now!

As Always... Huge comes through! That's a nice one!

nice pattern, I think it was huge magazine that brought me to Tiki Central.


But, wait! There's more....


Yes, I'm replying to myself. But, it just occurred to me that these tiles would make great wrapping paper! I'm gonna have to track down some info on that. Anybody here work for a paper or printing company?


I agree. I would buy such wrapping paper. I say pursue it.

I'm always on the hunt for creative wrapping-paper ideas. One of my favorites is to get some of those paper posters from Mexican barber shots that show row upon row of haircut styles - all those cool crewcuts, fades, and flat-tops. They make great, original wrapping paper.



I would absolutely buy such paper. Even in black & white.


Does such paper exist as some kind of giveaway from Mexican barbers? You can probably guess that there's no such thing as a Mexican barber in the UK. In fact, 'Mexican Barber' sounds like the title of a Butthole Surfers tune.

We occasionally get African barber paintings for sale over here which show haircut styles, and they look pretty nifty. Perhaps the paper you mention is along the same lines....anyway, sounds pretty interesting.

Trader Woody

Hi Woody,

I don't think the posters are usually given away per se, but my barber shop had a few extras and gave them to me when I asked. I'll have to find out who manufactures them and see if I can order them myself. I think they're similar to the paintings you mentioned.

I live in a predominantly Latino neighborhood and really dig the barber shops. About fifteen barbers all working at once, loud Ranchero music blasting from the speakers, and all these gang-bangers sitting in the chairs next to me getting the coolest haircuts. Definitely an artform. And all for eight-dollars American. You can't beat that!


thanks bro, i downloaded without hesitation. much the welcomed sight to break up the workday.


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