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My power pop band Barely Pink is playing on March 12th for SXSW - any recommended tiki-centric stops in the Austin area?


Wow, Tweedtone, I just joined a band that's playing SXSW too (and incidentally, Tiki Oasis) called Clouseaux. We'll hafta meet up in Austin.

Bad news bar-wise is that Oceans Eleven is closed indefinitely, until "the legal machinations get cleared up" (Dino Lee, the owner). There's something called the Hula Hut mentioned on someone's earlier thread (do a search for "Austin"). As far as shops, I'm not sure these days. Atomic City carries Accoutrements and Shag stuff, as does Toy Joy, I'm told.

Oh, and thanks for the heads-up on the Fender/Shag poster; I love mine! And it's Shag even I can afford!


Thanks for the info, however sad. Damn, only the good (clubs) die young.

Our showcase is a non-official SXSW one (we're awaiting our fifth anniversary rejection email) on Wednesday, March 12th at Club Deville, featuring six acts from the Tampa Bay area and, most importantly free (good) beer and free food. More info and the invite here:


All are invited!

When's Clouseaux's showcase? Great name, BTW.

Tweedtone (and any other attendees of South By Southwest):
Info on CLOUSEAUX for you


Our Showcase:
Thursday, March 13
Opal Divines Freehouse
700 W. 6th St.

The Red Elvises and Brave Combo headline there that night. We're listed musically as "Other"!!

It's way-swank, all original exotica, mining the Martin Denny and Esquivel territory (and I just recorded a somewhat Yma Sumac-y part for a new song this weekend!). It's a big group, with the normal instrumentation, plus horns, percussion, a handful of us singers, a fire-eater, vibes - you name it!

Of course, the fire-eating thing may not go over so big inside a club right now... Shouldn't be a problem out by the pool at Tiki Oasis, however; no roof or walls to have been illegally covered with cheap, PETROLEUM-based packing materials instead of sound-insulation foam!! And our guy is a pro - toured with the circus, even (but he's not shudder a carny, nor does he smell of cabbage).

Oh, also found another tiki spot in Austin, a coffee shop called, um, I don't remember...dang. But I'll find out in time for SXSW. It's in a garden center, south part of town on Congress Ave, maybe.

See you there!

OK, the tiki coffee shop is called Mad Bird. It is part of The Great Outdoors gardening center on South Congress. The exact address is 2730 South Congress; phone is (512)448-2992.

With all the late night activity, I'm SURE a lot of coffee will be in order that weekend.

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