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Tiki garden fountains

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I am doing my backyard and while I can find lots of Tiki carvers online, I would really like a Tiki garden fountain or an Easter Island Moai fountain. Does anyone know any artists or vendors who sell such things?

Welcome to Tiki Central! Nice to have you on board. I'm not sure if there is someone around who makes tiki fountains specifically but if you're crafty, I don't think it would be difficult to make one yourself.

You can pickup a plaster Easter Island Moai at Oceanic Arts for about $30. The bottom of these Moai are hollow (I have one) so installing a pump and its respective plumbing should be a breeze. You can use a masonry bit to drill a hole at the top for the water outlet (depending on where you are placing it).

Good Luck and post pics for us to see when its done!

I bet ya Keigs20 would take a stab at the witco fountain for the right $$

that thing is SWEET

check out keigs20 on ebay

These guys have a crying tiki-like fountain though it's called "Tongue Totem Weeping Fall"


Oh, it's only $ 2150.-, gotta run and get me one...
If only Danny Balsz would still be in Lake Elsinore, he would whip one up pronto cheapo.


just get one of them stone tikis & make the fountain yerself w/ a pump from a garden store


Where can I get a good stone Tiki or one made from an outdoor weatherproof resin??? Please posts any links or web addresses? As for the Kreig20 reference on Ebay, how do I find him on e-bay?

There's a recent topic about stone Tikis (still active in fact) Scroll down or leap to:


Trader Woody


Hey tikicat- I have been wanting to try and make a tiki fountian Easter island style. I can carve the totem and bowls I just have to figure out how to drill the holes and make the thing spit water. I am sure I can do it for a lot cheaper than the $2100.00 fountian (wow!) that thing must be gold plated underneath the fake wood. If you are interested email me at [email protected]

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