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Madonna Inn - Room 193 - Witco Furnished

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I almost forgot about a place that you can go to and CHOOSE the room you like, in particular, Room 193, The Safari Room, at The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, California. It has custom Witco Furniture in this room only, as well as a Waterfall Shower, and has 2 King-size beds.

Hmmm...Witco, Waterfall Shower, and 2 King-sized beds! Now that's a party!

Anybody stay there lately? Also, if you didn't know, you can also purchase a postcard(Sabu!) of your room that you stayed in at the front desk.

If you're not familiar with the themed rooms at the Madonna Inn, check this site:



The Caddy and The Tiki Transporter

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Hey Dadday,

We were there a couple 'o years ago for the Madonna Inn Dinner Show. That was our first Tiki News sponsored event and no doubt some of you were there. We stayed in 2 different rooms - Vou (a blue room with a round bed) and Willem Tell (a red room with a rock waterfall shower). I think Otto had the Safari Room or the Kona Rock Room (I can't remember which) but it was great fun being there! The Fishermen and King Ku Ku played and it was fun shakin' up all the senior citizens after hours who usually stay there.

Otto was going to try and do it again last year but they don't want us back!

Anyhoo, without the Tiki crowd it is not as appealing but great fun if you want a romantic getaway, lively rooms and great winerys.


i might have to check dat out. tanks sugar cane caddy

to quote somebody in an earlier posting who was quoting Paul McCartney...'baby I'm amazed!'

(yeah...two king sized beds and a waterfall shower?...that IS a party indeed!)


Folks- you gotta check out the Madonna. If you haven't been there, make plans now, because the best rooms book up months and months in advance. I had a great time in Rock Bottom- it's a great little room and easier to get than the caveman. Make sure you get a rock waterfall bathroom. So very, very worth it.

If you think you've seen kitsch, if you think you know camp, if you think you know garish- you don't know nothin' until you've been to the Madonna. (Gauntlet thrown!)


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Stayed! Witco all the wayed. Even the beds, which helped me get... some sleep. Ha!


Here's a link to the room. Doesn't show a witco tribalesque tiki on the wall in the other room (or the flat screen tv, or the sweet new Hollywood fade away pool, but you get the general idea of the room) ... http://www.madonnainn.com/rooms/193.php

If memory serves me right, Unga, y'all caused quite a ruckus! I had walking pneumonia and couldn't attend but the stories of the after-parties are legendary!


In July 2006, we stayed in the Daisy Mae room (basically a cave - utterly brilliant), but next door was a room called JUNGLE ROCKS, which also has Witco furnishings. One morning while the cleaning crew was in there we poked our head in and took some photos:

Unfortunately I didn't have such a great camera back then!



aquarj posted on Mon, Sep 1, 2014 1:31 PM

(Looking around for the best place to post this...)

Here's Phyllis Madonna of the Madonna Inn, in a photo from 1960 at the Winter Wonderland Show at the Expo Building in Oakland.

She designed this room, the "50th State Room" as an exhibit for the show, to showcase the Madonna Inn. Note the little witco tiki, which makes sense since witco decor was a favored choice, appearing in a number of the rooms (including the Jungle Rocks room above in this thread). Her exhibit won the highest honor award.


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