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Street:485/15 Second Road

When my parents told me they found a tiki bar in Pattaya, Thailand, I said "yeah, right, let's see what you consider a tiki bar and send me pics", but well, when I reicieved the pics of the entrance, I think they found quiet a spot.
Unfortunatly, they couldn't go inside, it was close during the day they were there.
And considering what I found online about it, it seems they know how to make good drinks (at least, they put martinique and jamaiquan rum to their mai tai).
I think it needs a visit.

Here's what I found on a website about it :

We were invited to go along to this interesting restaurant last week and sample the delights of Polynesian cooking. In fact, the menu is quite extensive and covers a range of international dishes that caters to everyone’s tastes, including a very good selection of Thai food. Opened just over six years ago and run by Khun Anusorn Boonmasueb and manager Khun Sanong Chanaboon, Aloha which seats 110 guests has built up a very good reputation for not only serving delicious food but also for offering a nightly entertainment beginning at 8.00pm with an excellent piano recital by resident pianist Khun Kho that all adds to the relaxing ambience of this cozy restaurant. It seems the very first thing that one has to order is one of the many Aloha special cocktails, expertly prepared by bartender Thanakron. They really go to town here at Aloha with very elaborate decorations and each concoction is served up either in pineapple or coconut shells or in spectacular conch sea shells such as the Kava Bowl (420 baht) which serves four thirsty drinkers very nicely. It is made up of light rum, lemon and pineapple and is extremely refreshing. The list is quite impressive but the Mai Tai (190 baht) made from Martinique and Jamaica Rum is perfect, as is the banana daiquiri (160 baht). Okay, enough about the cocktails, but it is a bar as well as being a restaurant. So it was onto the menu. There is an impressive list of hot and cold appetizers and homemade soups ranging from 150 to 280 baht. We started with Crispy Crab Claws (210 baht) which were crab claws with a panko coating (panko is made from wheat bread, but has a crisper, flaky texture than most types of breading found in Western cuisine) which is fried golden and tasted light and crunchy dipped in a tomato, ginger and mustard sauce. This was followed by Cho Cho Beef (185 baht). Skewers of paper thin slices of partially cooked marinated beef that one cooks to personal liking on a hibachi cooker at the table. The meat and fish selection covers all meats (including crocodile and ostrich) and a very good variety of fish and seafood, including a King Lobster Thermidor special for two people at 1,990 baht. We settled for Scallops Acapulco (550 baht). Delicious tender Queen Scallops with crispy bacon strips served in the shell with a creamy white wine sauce. For the fish course we tried an excellent Seafood and Fish kebab (420 baht). A skewer containing different seafood, Squid, Tiger Prawns, New Zealand Green lip Mussels and fillets of Red Snapper coated in a tangy tomato and ginger sauce. For the meat course we tried a Beef Fillet (380 baht). Thinly sliced beef fillet cooked medium rare with a spicy mustard sauce which was so tender that it literally melted in the mouth. We finished the delightful evening with a perfect Irish Coffee, expertly prepared at the table by one of the friendly staff Khun Tatsana. The Aloha Diner and Bar is well worth a visit. It is located at 485/15 Second Road. Open daily from 5.00pm to 12.00pm. For those interested, Aloha accepts Bartercard. Telephone: 038-723-175.

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Here's the pics :

That would explain why you are a cool cucumber virani...you have COOL parents! The pics look great, just love the fake rock entrance! Tres Bon!!

Trader Jim (Make mine a Mai-Tai...with Martinique and Jamaiquan rum of course!).


I'm heading on over to Thailand in August for week . If possible , I'd like to check this place out !

I've just come back from Pattaya and only just spotted this page, so I defiantly would have checked out this bar.

I did spot another bar with Tikis outside "The Tahitian Queen No.2", I went in to check it out but it wasn't tiki inside....oh so not tiki. Let's just say "ping pong balls" and leave it at that.

Closed 2017

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