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any body know how to do this!?!??!

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GECKO posted on Thu, Feb 20, 2003 1:17 PM

does anyone know how to cover aloha material with a clear hardner so if i was to put a sheet of material on a bar top (See NuiNui2's post on "my home bar finally finished")and didn't want to use glass. what could i use? and how do i do it? it's got to look professional though.

even stuff like post cards pictures? i know somebody has to know, with all da crafty peopo we get on tc.


Not exactly sure what you are asking. There are any number of ways to glue down material and them seal it. But I am not sure that is what you mean.


See my explanation on my other post about my home bar.

He means covering a bar top with Hawaiian fabric (or a postcard collage) and then painting multiple layers of some clear polyurathane/resin lacquer over it so that he ends up with an a.) hard b.) even, and c.) totally clear see-through bar top.

What is the best stuff for that?

Aaaah, from the sign business! Nui Nui, that sounds perfect, what is that stuff?

GECKO posted on Thu, Feb 20, 2003 1:52 PM

bingo! yes dats what i'm looking for! "what braddah bigbro wen sed!

I gon check out your post nui nui!


I used plexiglass on the top of my portable outdoors tiki bar. Works great for moving, but plexiglass is more prone to scrathing.

[ Edited by: purple jade 2006-03-20 21:11 ]


Try this site: http://www.sign-mart.com
Go to browse catalog, then to monthly specials. They are discontinuing this product and are selling it at 50% off. This is what I use, I bought 10 kits to have in case they run out, it's fun stuff. The name of the product is 3DV

It's probably the same stuff that they used on the tables at the Can't Fail Cafe in Emeryville. Here's one:

The goodies underneath the menu are embedded in about an inch of the stuff.


GECKO posted on Thu, Feb 20, 2003 2:33 PM

yes that table top is kewl cynfulcynner. I have a carving that i want to add a table top to and add some inexpensive vitage tiki items to the top. like da kine at da "can't fail cafe".

eh nuinui drop me an email brah. I need some of dat stuff. and your best instuctions!

I'm stoked! I knew peopo here new dis stuff.

I looked in da "pad" book but neva had anyting in em except fo da kewl resin coasters wit da nude cards in em.

[ Edited by: purple jade 2006-03-20 21:11 ]


I just read this today in a book I found at the thrift store on how to make your own groovy space age 70's furniture!


"This is a method of transferring to a table top the sensational patterns one often sees in curtain fabrics. The best fabric for this purpose is a medium-weight cotton with a tight weave. It is possible to acheive a gleaming, heat-resistant surface with successive coats of clear polyurethane varnish.

We replaced the top of an existing table with a piece of 2cm thick blockboard which we painted white. White gives maximum luminosity to the colour of any fabric you put on top. We then spread a synthetic resin adhesive (the sort you mix with water) over the painted blockboard and smoothed the fabric over it. Your fabric should be thoroughly damp, not wringing wet, for this operation. A wooden ruler is very good for smoothing it flat and pressing out air bubbles.

Let the fabric dry thoroughly before you start varnishing. Apply three or four coats of varnish to start with, then sand carefully with a sanding block and wet sandpaper (i.e. 'wet and dry' silicon-carbide paper, widely used for sanding down paint or woodwork). Wipe off the sludgy residue with a damp cloth. Apply a final coat of varnish, then poish with a good brand of wax/silicone polish.

Aluminum strip makes an elegant edge finish. Screwing it in place is generally more satisfactory than sticking it."

Just replace 'aluminum strip' with bamboo strip' and bob's yer uncle! the picture in the book is very cool too - the table has a high shine.

GECKO posted on Thu, Feb 20, 2003 3:10 PM

tanks purple jade! i gon check em out.

da ting tikifish wen sed sounds pretty cool to do too! look at all these ideas peopo! you guys can make some really cool tings fo da tiki bar! we got our very own version of pad threw all of the talented peopo here.

How thick is that stuff on da table top cynful?

heres a little info on what i wan't to do. I'm carving a red wood panel mask about a 1/2 inch thick, then i gon put some old matchbook covers maybe a couple of trader vic Salt an peppa shakers amoung some vintage post cards on da top of a bar i'm making, den pour da stuff over all those items to harden up ya. then wala, a bad ass counter top!

so i need to know how thick i can go with da liquid?

if you have other kewl ideas or pics on stuff and want to share, go ahead! you know like da "pad" book.

has any body actually tryed to make any of dem projects? if you have post it here. I would love to see em!

I like da S & P wine bottle corks! anybody try dat wun yet?


Check out a material called "Castin Craft" Its a liquid poured resin that you can seal all kinda great stuff in , but you need to have a mold (in plastic) to pour the resin into then set the stuff into it. I've never persoally used it for anything big like tables, but its great for art and paper weights; im sure it can be used for tops too.

Its really fun and it kinda like making a layered pinapple-upside downcake!

G, I did this with some lauhala. I bought some 2-part resin at depot just for tabletops. Ran about $20.00 for a kit. Piece of cake for you.


i missed the thread on da "pad". Mahaloz fo da link "Lucky D". got some great ideas from you guys tank plenty! Chiki, i gon check em at home depot bombai. how da lahala wen come out? is it good stuff? how did you keep it from running off da edges?


[ Edited by: purple jade 2006-03-20 21:09 ]

G, I actually let it flow off the edges. this stuff is pretty slow moving, so it wasn't a problem. After it dried, just power-sanded it flat and smooth. Your top is a little different, maybe put the top on the piece after it is all decorated, if that isn't possible, poly sheeting won't stick to the resin.

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