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Las Vegas Based Tiki Carvers

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Anybody know of any Las Vegas based Tiki carvers? Years ago I saw some great ones at the swapmeet by what I think was a local artist, but sadly I did not get a card or anything.

Hula Hula is Vegas based. I don't think he sells his stuff though - just hoards it all for himselff.....

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A Tiki hoarder? How do I contact Hula Hula?


ha, I cant carv worht shi&%# but its a fun hobbie. I just hord other ppl tikis.

what up with the vegas thing? Are you a vegan?

[email protected] is my email


Yes, I am here in Vegas. If there were a good carver here, it would just be easier for me to see what I was getting as opposed to internet pictures. I am lookingfor a good palmwood Tiki pole that can have the top of the head carved as a planter so as to accomodate a plant as "hair". I figure I will put it in the garden and run a drip line to irrigate it.

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