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My bar pics

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WEll I have way there, so I'll post a few pics, like nui nui said a tiki bar is never really done.This is just the bar half, the other side of the room isnt quit done yet so Im just posting these 2 pics.

Great bar Hula! I think that the next time I'm in Vegas, I'm gonna have to come by and make sure that bar works properly.


The bar looks great! I love the black velvet painting behind the bar - wish I could find one! So, have you given the bar a name yet?

Your bar is da kine. Can't wait for Mondo Tiki so I can help 'break it in.'

Cool bar hula hula!


what the hell did I write? I guess i should have read it before, I have no idea what I was trying to say. Anyways thanks for the complements I finally decided to post them cuz I just recieved my Gecko carving from my mom. Still have a lot to do but hey Im getting there. Now for the stocking, my god does it cost a lot green.


oooorgh, my poor bar is in shambles, rotting outside. I've got to get on the proverbial ball.

Nice hula hula.

Hula, did you find that velvet painting in one of the antique markets? I think I recognize it from one of the stores along my journey in Vegas.

GECKO posted on Fri, Feb 21, 2003 2:10 PM

dammmm! dat look way diffrint from da last pics!! should have took more pics close up and stuff! i'm trying to see what nicknacks you wen get on da right side of da bar. I see you get a hula head vase on da coffee table by da couch, i love those. I picked one up in da salvation army in colorado fo $3.99!! dem tings sell fo $80 to 100+ here on da islands. i love da clutter look!!!


That's a bar to die for, HH.
Eventually I'll get mine in photoworthy condition and post something.
Oh no, Tiki decor isn't ever done.

GECKO posted on Fri, Feb 21, 2003 5:09 PM

Eh Hula, your mom sed your wife is Domincan. How does she like your little polynesian paradise and our style of living and grinds? I'm sure she hasent stop eating da fryed plantains (green banana)and den smush em. I like dat stuff!


da wahine love local kine plate lunch, I tink her favorite is spam musubi, oh man I love the friend bananas too. I got the hula girl head on ebay for $20+ , no can remember but i thought it was a good deal. spike I got the painting at my local thirft shop for $6.99, i think i posted a "score find" before.When I finish the other side I'll take more detail pics. Gotta say gecko I love the mug shrine,I had to put some felt on da bottom to keep from scratching up the bar.I wanted to name the bar KAPU COVE a blend of boskos kapu tiki room and taboo cove, still not sure but really leaning to that.

GECKO posted on Fri, Feb 21, 2003 7:00 PM

Kapu Cove...(keep out cove) sounds like a dangerous[sp?] place fo some grog! I like it!


ok heres some more pics

gecko's shrine

and panel

the tiki corner, the small ku was done by another local
and my sign copy of "hul i ka la"

da other corner with misc mugs

some of my favorite mugs, notice im still not done with the border, wall still shows

my record player and hula stuff

main display behind bar

some misc bar pieces

the fish tank

the futon

and last my turle tank, this whole side still not done

well thanks all

Oh wow! Hula Hula, the turtle tank stand is sweet! Did you make the whole thing yourself? I love the roof! I would love to make one of those for my 20 gallon reef, and my Humuhumu-nukunuku-a-pua'a would love it too!

Gecko, I noticed the tag on the mug shrine. Do you make your own tags to tie on to your work? I've been doing that with my tikis that I give as gifts or sell...


surfer, i had a little help with the turtle tank, since I didnt have a router, I gonna put a thatched top soon. Once the little guy out grow it, I'd like to make a mini reef or a fish only tank, maybe a humu or a clown trigger, a little slice of the sea, aahhhh....

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