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Moscow, Russia (restaurant)

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Name:Not Known
Street:3 Sadovo-Kudrinskaya Ul.

... fez optional but likely!

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Now you know TIKI is getting bigger when there is a Tiki Bar in RUSSIA.

I think it is called Tiki Bar.

This may be my favorite part...a quote from our link......
"Appropriately, the highlight of the menu is the huge tropical cocktails, the largest of which is the Treasure Chest -- ** 4 liters** consisting of three types of rum, cherry brandy, champagne, peach puree, lime juice and rose syrup -- all for 5,000 rubles."

That drink is $200, but it actually kinda sorta serves 16ish Moskovites. Or four tikiphiles. :)

Erik the Red

Yes it's called Tiki Bar. I went there last year.
Details now on Critiki http://www.critiki.com/cgi-bin/location.cgi?loc_id=688

A friend of mine was there and made a few photos:


Cool! Most likely inspired by the success of the British Tiki Bar wave like Mahiki and Kanaloa. Though the menu spells "Tiki Bar", the exterior seems to call it "Kon-Tiki". Love the 70s/ anime style/ flower/ Hula girl on the right. Those wild and crazy Russians!

Wasn't there a post about this somewhere else also?

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Looking at the entrance shot on CryTiki, the wideshot above with the Hula girl billboards seems to have been during construction phase (in 2008?), and they later added the logo sign and changed the name to "Tiki":

from CryTiki

It's interesting to speculate on the reasons for the name change from "Kon-Tiki":"Kon" in Russian sounds like the word for "horse" (the 4-legged variety).

Note too on the new sign how they have "Tiki" written in Roman characters and "Bar" written in Cyrillic. "Tiki" written in Cyrillic could theoretically be misread by drunken Muscovites as "titki" (= tits). :)


PS - The street name should be Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Ul.

Toto, j'ai l'impression que nous ne sommes plus au Kansas !

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harro posted on Thu, Feb 24, 2011 2:17 PM

On 2011-02-23 01:09, HelveTiki wrote:

This is pretty damn cool! Twin swinging vintage wooden boats with the whole landscape behind adding to the escapism vibe - I don't recall seeing anything like that in other tiki bars. Well done Moscow!

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