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Tiki Hut, Elko, NV (bar)

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Name:Tiki Hut
Street:433 Railroad St.

I discovered this place by roaming around Google Earth. Anyone ever heard of it, been there, seen it???


Psycho Tiki D posted some images in this thread;
"Found this place called the "Tiki Hut" in Elko, Nevada. The owners were in the process of making some changes to this place, but sadly, the only tiki were on the sign. There was a "velvet" style wall painting behind the bar and two mugs from Trader Dick's in Reno, but this is primarily a sports bar/casino. "

I found this cheery item;


I only have bad feelings for Elko because the one and only time I was there was to identify my brothers body. It was in Jan. 1994 his name was Kevin Thomas and he was almost 30 years old. He was found by a police officer in the Tiki Hut parking lot. It is listed as an unsolved homicide. No one knew him because he was passing through and didn't live there. I wish someone would step forward and tell if they know anything. I never stop missing him and never stop thinking about him. I hope to find answers some day.



An older image I just found on the web;

More fun Tiki Hut stuff;
ELKO — A woman who accompanied a man she’d recently met to the Horseshoe Club for a drink Saturday night was allegedly cut by him in the club with a knife later that evening.

According to a report by the arresting officer, officers and emergency medical personnel responded at 11:15 p.m. Saturday, but the suspect fled and had been followed by Horseshoe security personnel to the Tiki Hut.

The officer met with the 26-year-old woman victim and noticed she had a 6-inch cut to her upper thigh, through the leg of her jeans. The victim identified the suspect as Aaron Kenneth Winters, 31, of Spring Creek.

The woman told the officer she’d met Winters at Stockmen’s Hotel & Casino earlier that day. The two had gone to the Horseshoe Club for a drink. She said that once at the club, Winters withdrew a folding knife, opened the blade and began touching her with it. Winters then allegedly cut the victim on the leg.

The victim was treated for her wound. Winters was located by officers in the Tiki Hut and was detained. During contact with him, officers located the knife, and there were blood stains on his pants.

Winters was arrested on a charge of battery with a deadly weapon. His bail is $5,000. The officer noted at the jail Winters was “intoxicated and belligerent toward officers.”


Here's a picture of the front that I got off Google Maps. The exterior actually looks fairly decent (rock facade, masks) considering there was no reason to have high hopes for a dive bar in Elko being the least bit tiki, even with the name.

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Was just in Elko and checked it out. A little scary, nice lava rock fireplace and a black velvet painting over the bar.

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Nice back bar painting, indeed :D

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