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Bamboo - (heavy duty?)

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jtiki posted on Fri, Feb 21, 2003 8:19 AM

Is there a source for sturdy bamboo, suitable for the making of furniture? Is that a regular gardening thing?



You could give these folks a try:


These guys have up to 6" diameter poles and have some very inspirational boo funrinture...


I would like to direct that question to my good friend Bamboo Ben.

Of course... All of this depends on where you live. If you're in Planting Zones 8, 7 or lower you can grow your own (it's like a weed, you know). I need to remember to go cut some tomorrow to use on my new bar, as a matter of fact.
Of course... BIG BAMBOO is a different story. The stuff at the BAMBOOBOLE.COM site is pretty impressive. I've heard that there is some in an area not far from here (about 30 minutes) that gets to about 5" in diameter. I've seen bamboo at least 10" in diameter but I've no friggin' idea where that was grown.
If you're not too far north... Look around!
Perhaps those Tiki Centralites of us who live in the South should attempt to grow enough to supply to our Northern Friends. For a Small Fee, of course.

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Try, http://www.abs.com or the American Bamboo Sociey.

Try, http://www.abs.com or the American Bamboo Society.


I saw some bamboo poles at YardBirds this weekend. I'm near San Francisco-I don't know where you are. But you may be able to find it at a home and garden center if you aren't in the snow states.

Good Luck!

Do you think anyone would notice if I started a bamboo farm here at my condo complex? :lol:

Tacky Tiki

aloha, you might check with a local lumber supply. There is a place here called "Conejo Hardwoods" that has high quality wood, tile and flooring that I found also has bamboo up to 4"....

jtiki posted on Tue, Feb 25, 2003 6:40 PM

the snow states - sadly

I've been thining about carving a snow-Ku in the next storm.


I have two patches of bamboo in my backyard that run about 4"-6" in diameter. I have no idea of the species, it was there when we bought the house. I do know it's a clumper (as opposed to a runner). If anyone can figure out how to do transplants, I can distribute some cuttings.

Im also looking for some in the San Joaquin Valley, if anyone has any leads, lemme know.

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