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Velvet Paintings @ Trailer Taste?

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Has anyone had any experience with these


60 bucks for a 12"x15""after Leeteg" doesn't sound bad.

yours, Iron


It's not a 'trailer', it's a 'manufactured home'!

Those are BEAUTIFUL! And if hand done, way worth the money, I think. I'm not really sure how they could be mass-manufactured NOT hand done (yeah, I know about the mass-produced "sofa sized art original paintings" mills, so to speak). Don't know about the sellers, but I'm thinking I may need to give 'em a try myself. Thanks!

Authentic Tijuana velvet art is the only way to go. Those guys are so stoked when a gringo shows up. It's a dying tradition.

this one is pretty rad,


I hate to be a guy who just posts "Fuckin' Sweet!" but, by God, I'm gonna do it:

Fuckin' sweet!



I have- not ordering off the website- but I did an e-bay transaction a while back.

I don't know what your 'black velvet painting' standards are, but I really love mine.

The Trailertaste painting I have is slight varriation on the Leeteg of the woman with a guitar with her back to you, the viewer. (An example of which can be found in the book "Leeteg of Tahiti; paintings from the Vila Velour" by John Turner & Greg Escalante, p.63.)

My Trailertaste piece has a few differences though; a very visible shadowy palm to the left of the painting and mountain or volcano in the back and to her right. Also, the woman in my painting has long black hair, her smile is far more subtle, and the light reflecting off her entire body is more subdued. The pose is the same, but the woman, and the way the light casts off her skin, and the lighting in general, is entirely different than the Leeteg.

But you know what? That's alright by me. I don't expect a 'tribute painting' to be the spittin' image of the orginal- futher, I like the Trailertaste piece for it's own sake.

Just don't expect a Leeteg- enjoy them for what they are. I picked it up because I liked it.

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