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tiki bed

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I wish to purchase a Tiki style carved wood bed frame new or used that utilizes fat/stout wood. The only bed I now know of that is sort of similar is lodgepole furniture bed (southwestdesigns.com) which uses 6" diameter pine wood poles (very cool) for the frame and they are not carved. This is what spured my mind to think of the ulimate bed/love nest, a Tiki bed!
Please give me any ideas and contact information
(e-mails and phone #s/addresses or anything) for anyone/craftspersons/companies who may make or know someone who does make and sell Island style Tiki bed.

I live in South California. I was perhaps envisioning a bed that's four legs were
fat Tiki carvings (Tikis). The rest could be like the lodgepole material except carved and maybe painted? I am not sure, except someone must make cool beds like what something I am thinking of.

If anyone knows anything, please contact me, or post a reply. So far Maitiki/Wayne-Becky in Florida and Bosko from somewhere else can supply the tikis and the materials, and my lodgepole furniture guy may be able to use it to make the Tiki Bed. Does anyone know anyone else?, or where someone makes the whole bed themselves?, or where I can find one used? Isn't the bed idea cool?, so I don't understand why there are not cos who make beds if they don't?, but Maybe that is cool too as not many people will have a custom bed like I want to construct.
Thanks a bunch, SH

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How about a Witco bed? Good luck finding one.

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