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Cleveland Mugs?

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[ Edited by: purple jade 2006-03-20 21:07 ]


On 2003-02-21 21:27, purple jade wrote:
An old syndicated episode of Drew Carey was on and it looked like there might have been one of those naff surfer mugs that look like a flaming match with arms in one of the kitchen cabinets.

The only Ttiki to ever get near Cleveland was the Kon Tiki Ports downtown, and the Hawaiian Punch Village at Sea World in Aurora, about 45 mins SE oF Cleve.

Sea World, if I am not mistaken, like a Treasuree Craft - esque mug, and I don't think Kon Tiki used a surfer dude mug (I could be wrong), so it look slike the set decorator was just getting creative on this one. It doubt that it is a Cleve-O artifact.

I grew up there y'know...


I've also got a matchbook from "Milano's Tiki" in Lima, OH. But that's 136 miles away.


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