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Blue Hawaii by Willy Nelson?

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I just heard this abomination. I understand the concept of keeping Tiki alive by spreading it to others but this is going a bit too far. Don't you think?

Ah, com'on Stunrut! Willy's gotta make a livin' too, ya know?
I mean, Elvis did it...(Okay, so the King did it better than most)...hundreds of others have done it, why not ole Willy?

I mean, I'm not a fan or anything...liked the old guy in his Miami Vice guest starring role, but Blue Hawaii is, after all, Blue Hawaii.
How can one mess it up?

Then again, I've not heard this version yet.
Is it new or something someone has dug up?


My Dad, an Old School Tiki freak, was on a plane once sitting next to this peculiar-looking fellow. Every so often, up pops somebody to talk with this guy, who then proceeds to remove an 8x10 glossy of himself and sign it, then hand it over to the other person.

Flew across country with this guy, small talk and such, Dad comes home an asks...who is this Willie Nelson? Just another first-class flying, pony-tailed hillbilly to my Dad.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. Willie is pretty cool, in my book.


This version is great and true actually. I love it when artists other than the standard cover hawaiian tunes.

I have lots of Rockabilly and Country singers singing Hawaiiana on my broadcast. Hank Snow, Patsy Cline, Buddy Knox. It's all good.

Willie is a great talent.


I love this place! Such diversity! Thank you all. I'll try to watch my mouth in the future. I respect your opinions.


not much of a country music fan but I do like Willie. I havent heard the blue Hawaii song though. I saw him in concert a couple years ago. He played for three hours without a break and sounded just as good as his albums. So play on Willie!

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