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kreepytiki lounge and tattoo gallery, Ft. Lauderdale , FL (store)

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Name:kreepytiki lounge and tattoo gallery
Street:2606 south Federal Highway
City:Ft. Lauderdale
Phone:954 463 3290

Kreepy tiki Finally has a place to call home after all these years ..it is an art gallery/ tattoo parlor heavily tiki themed. I dare to say it is the only tattoo shop where the people who have so far walked in say "my god this looks more like a tiki bar than a tattoo shop" ..im happy to boast lol..here you will not only be able to marvel at images of tikis,pin up/ Hula girls , general tattoo voodoo hocus pocus. but you will be able to pick up original art and prints from artists, carvers, mug makers,and apparel designers from all over the world.. and to the most daring maybe even get a permanent tattoo souvenier .from any of our talented artists . we have a connected non tiki bar (as of today) but the owner is totally digging the tiki vibe we have going and is only a little push away from changing all that ..so if yer in south florida come by and say hello bruddahs and Wahines..you never know who or what may be going down...keep it tiki...kreepy jaksin

Congratulations kreepy jaksin, sounds like a cool place!

Website? Pics?

thanks bruddah..its a dream coming reality for the kreepy Ohana and if the tiki gods are willin, our grand opening will be in a week more or less ..pics will be put up as soon as all is finished also webpage is . kreepytikitattoos.com its also not running yet but its coming too.

I'm stopping by when I'm out there for Hukilau if not sooner!

Tiki Diablo ..that would be cool bro...what ya gonna be doing down here before hukilau? ...you know a friend of mine has a rod you did the smokin tiki themed interior for ..dang man what a Fine bangin' automobile that is..

Where exactly? Are you in with the OCC Dealer? I work off 17th Street - so plan on seeing me soon!!

Hey Aloha Station ..yeah actually I am Sharing the building with the Orange County choppers guys .. we'd be neighbors then bro....I think now with you we officially can start a tiki army now all we gotta do is force them Chopper guys to make us Mai Tais and play Exotica all day in their Bike Bar ,and we will take over the world lol .hope to see you soon..

heres some pics of the shop, we're almost done with everything before grand opening..so I'll post more when i can...the last pic is of my other passion besides tiki ..which is American Roots Music ..my tribute to the south and all its great Country Blues Heroes..this section of the store is unlike every other part but its just as important to me so I'll share..keep it tiki...kreepy jaksin

20Two posted on Mon, Mar 17, 2008 9:46 AM

Awesome! I live about a mile from there :) I'll definitely be there to check it out.

thanks bro Hope to see you here ....and thanks to all the Tcers who have pm'd me too...keep it tiki ..Kreepy jaksin

The place looks great. Can't wait to see more.

Any links or examples of your work?

Gonna be down for Hukilau and may want to get some custom-made "art" while in town...been looking for an artist who "gets it", and has a shop I can actually get to.

best of luck!

Congrats on the kick a$$ looking shop. Now lets see some kreepy tiki tattoos from there!!

Cool shrine and great shop!


Nice stuff, and a nice space ... and I really enjoy your roots music artwork too. One of my favorite pieces I've ever bought at Hukilau was your 'If the Good Lords Willing and Creeks Don't Rise' painting of Hank Williams.


hey thanks to all you guys for all the nice words and props ..and all da Ohana who have supported our non orthodox kreepy tiki stylee throughout the years . its really been a dream of mine for a loooong time to actually have a "getaway" place where the music is always right and the setting is well,um.. disconnected from the outside world, and the fact that i spend so much time at work is the ironic part in all this if i woulda built my Tiki oasis in my home i would never get to enjoy it so "in the office" it has to be!!... I really hope to see all you peeps in hukilau I will be there to get some new artwork from all the crazy talented people here .as for our work we are currently working on a webpage but you can check out my artwork and that of my other artists on http://www.ochoplacas.com (the tattoo shop I work for right now) also on my myspace page I'll post a link to that as soon as i figure out how to.lastly I will be designing a small tiki tattoo that will forever be done by only me for our shop "minimum charge" to all T.C. ers . so look for that design here too ...take it easy , jaksin K.

Ikitnrev...(hope i got that right).how ya doing? yeah...I remember that hank painting ..hell yeah I'm happy to have some of Hank Sr. in common with people here too. k.jaksin


What is that thing on the top shelf of the display unit? Looks like some sort of crazy The South Will Rise Again Misfits Cookie Jar.

lol ..its a ctually a Hank III shrine . its a Misfits skull that is draped in a Southern C. flag but it doesnt serve any functional purpose like a "cookie jar" but i did see someone who i wont mention his name drink something powerful homemade out of it once....BTW before someone gets upset over this flag (since it was brought up) . I'll state that I'm not Southern. I am not white . I personnaly dont get offended by this flag or proud people of the south. unless they are stupid racists and at that point it doesnt really matter from where you are. the Hank 3 piece was made that way because well he's the son of a son of the Great Hank Sr. and he is a proud southerener and almost everytime i see him he has a misfits shirt or something . his country music is the real deal in my opinion ..dont care too much for his other band metal/punk band assjack though...

love the shops vibe, would definately like to see some tiki tats you've done.

ha i Wish ..I dont hardly ever get to do tikis as tattoos well hardly ever ..you would think i got to do em all the time but people in the 305 are not hip on tiki bro sad but true ...I do any style from traditional American my fave to realism another fave but its tribals and names a lotta the time I enjoy doing religious imagery which is popular here and im well known for here in my town .also i cover up less than good tattoos and scar / surgery coverups...but you know if you wanna get a tiki I'll be more than glad to satisfy.

This is my first post. I live in Satellite Beach, FL. and make tiki bars in and around this area. I hope to have some of my work put in THE TIKI ROAD TRIP. I lived in Hawaii from 1967-1969. My dad was stationed on Oahu. As a kid my bros and I used to go to the International Market Place every day because we could not get base housing right away. My family stayed right on Waikiki for over a year. That is where I get my inspiration for all my huts and bars. The first and second photos are on Indian river. The next two photos are at a resort in Daytona Beach. The last is the on Merritt Island, Fl.


Wasn't trying to raise your hackles up about the skull. Just couldn't see it too clearly and being a Misfits fan it caught my eye.

Hey Mike, start your own thread.

it s ok bro...well im happy to announce that we finally got our inspection by the health dept. and we passed with flying colors so we are officially going to be open as of tommorrow...hope to see all you So Florida Ohana soon...and also everyone else when you make it down here .even if you are not getting tattooed stop by and sey Alohaz to da kreepy Krew

Good newZ tcerz..the bar connected to us owner is showing signs of maybe tikifieing..their bar ...that would be so friigun cool for lauderdale to have a new tiki bar..lets all pray to whatever mug/ carving or whoever it is you pray to and I'll keep my fingers crossed

Congratulations on the shop, It looks great.Maybe with any luck you can replace LA ink on the tv show! I would be interested in putting some work in your shop if you have some room.

lol thanks man ...I really appreciate all the positive vibes bro..L.A. Ink? ha i dont think reality? TV is ready for tiki..pm me your artwork bruddah and if its not too huge I can maybe show/ sell it here for ya..Easy mang...kreepy jaksin

Yay Jaksin & Lourdes! now we can finish up my sugarskulls! elvis and the ladies say hi- deb and felix

hey you nice seeing you here..come by this saturday its our grand opening party and also anyone one else reading this is invited..

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