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review of Waikiki Wally's in New York Post

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I should have saved the article to quote from, but basically the NY post gave a lukewarm (at best) review of Waikiki Wally's earlier this week. They didn't have the greatest things to say about the food, but they sort of gave it points (not many that is) for overall effort. Long story short, the writer said something along the lines of longing for Trader Vic's and rated Waikiki Wally's one..that's right, one star!


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I'm coming to terms that there is so little love in the world for Wally's. I have a strong matenal instinct for the place, and defend it like Mrs. Jumbo's defense of Dumbo's big ears. Bah! The Post is just a big nasty elephant hag! I never cared for it.
There are people who seem to enjoy going there. (you've already guessed me!) I have British friends who are addicted to Wally's! It's very funny. On Thursday, the British electronic music group Ladytron HAD to check out Wally's because they've heard so much from ex-pats. Here's what my Brit friend Nick had to say,

"It's such a shame you couldn't come to Wally's last night. We got the whole band there, as well as groupies, hangers-on, record company people and an NME journalist (who swore to me that he'd mention Wally's in the article he's writing on them!"

In fact, it's nice to know that the term "party like a rock star" is starting to mean lounging at a tiki bar!

"The Brits loved Wally's, they were all really into it. Ladytron are coming
back in April, and I think they all want to go back there again! There was a
bit of weirdness when a very large, butch transvestite started shouting at a
few people and saying how he/she hates the British. At first we thought it
was a joke, but aparently it wasn't! "

And like I've posted before, the Drag Tiki experience is certainly one to behold!

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