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Billy Quon's Volcano Grill and Mai Tai Bar, Carmel Valley, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Billy Quon's Volcano Grill and Mai Tai Bar
Street:27 E. Carmel Valley Road
City:Carmel Valley

I live on the East Coast, and haven't been to this place yet. But their drink menu features two versions of mai-tais. One is likely a variation of Trader Vics recipe, since it is referred to as 'Mai Tai 1944' .... and the Ginger and Mary Ann drink sounds appealing too.

I did find this review of Billy Quon's .... positive on the food, neutral on the drinks, and negative points to the reviewers for equating the Enchanted Tiki Room with 'corny gimmick' attractions.

This thread thus waits for a more tiki-authentic review from a Tiki-Centralite

Looks like the emphasis of this place is more on food and cocktails -which is the way it should be in a restaurant! Definitely not Tiki in decor, but then that might be a good thing for the clientele, as the above mentioned reviewer expresses the opinion of John Q. Public (or Joanne Q. Public) that "themed", gimmicky restaurants spell bad food...clearly a remnant of the 80's Tiki devolution period.

Now where is the place that has a menu like this, AND gets the Tiki decor right, to re-program the public.

Funny Ikitnrev,
It took you to tell me about a place right in my backyard.
I will check it out today.
Not holding my breath.
I know the owner, he's a great guy.

It's a nice restaurant.
Great food.



Emeril's Tchoup Chop restaurant in my neck of the woods also serves a "1944 Mai-Tai". But unfortunately, what sounds promising in the menu doesn't always translate to a great drink. It's all in the quality of the ingredients...

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