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Resident carvers.....how much $$$?

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Okay, so I've saved a little birthday money up (it's tomorrow!) and am finally ready to "invest" in a nice tiki carving. I was just wondering what some of the resident carvers usually charged, for say a 3 footer or less tiki. Just a ballpark figure would help (to see if I need to keep saving for a while)...


Waikiki Tiki,

I've always found that it runs about $100 per foot. I asked Leroy at Oceanic Arts to carve me up a 3' Moai last month, and he said around $300 (it should be done in a week or 2 - can't wait).

Sound about right Bong... at the Hala Kahiki gift shop in Chicago they are selling a couple of Mai Tiki three footers and they are between $250 -$350...

I myself being a rookie get $50 around the lakes from fellow surfers for three footers, and at an art gallery in a popular tourist destination in Wisconsin the owner paid me upfront between $45 - $60 for the larger ones.

LS, at those prices I'd buy a few from you!

BTW Bong - I think I may have just bought your 3 foot moai. Last week, they told me it was for somebody from Huntington Beach but they haven't paid for it yet so I made them an offer.

GECKO posted on Mon, Feb 24, 2003 2:10 PM

are you serious pop? you bought bongs tiki???are you two married? you crack me up!!
anyways dats bout right $100 give o' take per foot. Dats what I usually charge here on da islands for my coconut stump tikis. depending on detail ya. Don't know Chiki's? sounds like LS got da cheap ones on da block.


Remember, I'm saving my clams so I can pickup one of your tikis when I visit in June!

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